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Suit against Sabindo illegal building developer February 6, 2015

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Jimmy (second right) with Sri Tanjong assemblyman Chan Foong Hin (second left) and Chan’s assistant Teo (left) at the illegally constructed building behind them.

TAWAU: The controversial Sabindo open space ten plaintiffs will take action and file in an affidavit for contempt of court against the developer that had failed to tore down the illegally built building as ordered by the Tawau High Court.
Kota Kinabalu member of parliament and former Sri Tanjong assemblyman Jimmy Wong speaking on behalf of the plaintiffs’ said the suit will be filed in court before Chinese New Year
Jimmy said the plaintiffs have no choice but to do so as the Attorney General did not take any action on the developer when its job is to serve the public and protect the public interest.
“Rumors saying that the developer is selling a lot of assets contemplating of migrating and if true we do not want the developer to run away from responsibilities,” Jimmy said
“We pray that we can settle this issue by this year. We gave the developer two years to carry out the High Court judgment and comply with the law,” he said.
A responsible government should do its part after the judgment to protect the interest of public but now the plaintiffs have to do the job.
“Is the developer treating the High Court judgment was wrong?” he asked adding to the public the government and the developer are totally irresponsible.
Jimmy said the people are disappointed with the AG on the Sabindo case as after the decision by the High Court, the AG never stepped in to see the judgment is complied.
“Since AG did not take any action and the developer defied the court order going back on contempt of court order. We have to tell the court that the developer don’t respect the law,” he said.
During the trial on June 10, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19, 2009 before Judicial Commissioner Yew Jen Kie, in her ruling on October 23, 2009, she adjudged the Joint Venture (JV) Agreement between (1st Defendant) Aggast Construction Sdn Bhd, Jeramas Sdn Bhd and (2nd Defendant) Majlis Perbandaran Tawau dated 13 and 16 December 1996 are invalid, illegal and unenforceable being ultra vires the Local Government Ordinance 1961 and the Tawau Municipal Council Instrument 1983.
The judgment delivered compels the 1st Defendant to dismantle, remove and clear all plants, equipments and materials laden on Block D within six months’ and fifty percent of costs to the plaintiff.
The upholding of the decision of the High Court means the developer must remove the illegal uncompleted structures as there is a clear vindication of the ruling that the JV agreement were also bad in the first place and that any development pursuant to the JV is also unlawful.
The plaintiffs, Chong Sui Jin, Yong Sie King, Lee Kok Ming, Pang Koh Len, Wong Chew See, Chin Kon Tai, Chen Yuh Bih, Lim Kon Hock, Yong Yu Min and Rev. James Wong Chong Leong were represented by counsel Datuk Simon Shim.
In the Federal court sitting on December 5, 2012, the five judges unanimously held that the High Court and the Court of Appeal were correct in their decision which ordered the developer to dismantle the illegal structures at the Sabindo open spaces.
Federal Court judges, Justices Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Raus Sharif, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Zulkefli Ahmad Makinudin, Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Richard Malanjum, Tan Sri Abdull Hamid Embong and Dato’ Jeffrey Tan Kok Wha dismissed with cost the appeal by Aggasf Construction Sdn Bhd and Jeramas Sdn Bhd against judgment of High Court Judicial Commissioner Puan Yew Jen Kie and the Court of Appeal.


BN’s promise on state water tariff review in 2011 proven a ‘Lie To Sabah People’ May 3, 2013

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On Nov 24, 2011 during the winding up speech, then Minister of Infrastructure Development  also the Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan told the State Assembly sitting that his ministry is in the process of reviewing the State’s water tariff structure.

He said the review would be fair and based on the ability of the different segment of consumers to pay.

Pairin noted that the existing tariff is based on a flat rate of 90 sen per cubic meter of water for both domestic and commercial sectors. (Which is not fair)

However, he said it is not appropriate to compare Sabah water tariff with those of the other states in Malaysia, which have different structures. He said it is important for elected representatives to give clear picture before making comparison.

Sir Tanjung assemblyman Jimmy Wong had on Nov 21 (Tue) urged the government to re-evaluate the water tariff in Sabah to avoid further burdening the people.

Jimmy said Sabahans were paying 50 per cent more for water than comsumers in neghbouring Sarawak, where the water costs 46 sen and 66 sen for between 0 and 14m3.

PR in Selangor since taking over the management from BN is able to give 20m3 free clean water which proves Pakatan Rakyat (PR) promise is not a lie in 2008. (BUKAN JANJI BOHONG).

Here in Sabah we are paying 90 sen per cubic meter compared to other states which is as low as 45 sens.

When Pairin made the water tariff review statement which was published in the front page of local newspaper, I hoped the new tariff will be lower for domestic consumers so it would not burden them especially the lower income group.

My question to the ministry on Mac 2012 was answered in written form through the Dewan Undangan Negeri Sabah which stated the government is planning and reviewing the water tariff based on management cost, treatment and distribution and using the principle of consumers using more water should pay more.

However, to my question at the Dewan on July 16, 2012 on the water tariff review status, I was told the state government is in the process of appointing a consultant firm to carry out detail study on the cost and other factors connected to water tariff.

Until before the dissolution of the Federal Government together with the State Government of Sabah, the water tariff matter my guess is still being studied.

We in PR promise if chosen by the people to form the next government will see to it that the water tariff is reduced for consumers and at the same time will give 20m3 free to domestic consumers which is equivalent to RM18 saving for each household.

We promise to review the privatization of the water treatment and the management of the  Water Department to ensure water for all Sabahans and reduce the tariff appropriately without burdening consumers.

BN cannot even handle flash floods at cripples pumps at the Cintamata water treatment plant . For years, the RAKYAT have been waiting for better water supply, consistent, clean and cheaper but was given promises after promises.

I say no more, change the BN’s old style management and give PR new style management to prove that things could be better for all.

What happened to the water tariff review? May 3, 2013

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Ceramah Awam April 23, 2013

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ceramah awam

Pakatan Rakyat Sabah Budget 2013 October 24, 2012

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Please click on the link below



Bicara Rakyat/Public Hearing September 4, 2012

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Public Hearing/Bicara Rakyat September 4, 2012

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Bridge or Water? March 6, 2012

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Which is more important, building the water dam costing about RM200 million at Merotai or the Semporna to Bum-Bum Island Bridge that cost RM460 million?

Recently, Tawau had gone without water for four days and some areas more than a week, but the government does not see the importance to hasten the construction of the Dam at Merotai.

The government that claims to know what to do, what is the best for the people, ‘prihatin’, ‘people first’ seemed to forget that water is the most important thing and basic everyday need for everyone.

Does the RM460 million bridge in Semporna will benefit every Semporna people? Who will it benefit?

Building the dam at Merotai will benefit the people in Kalabakan and Tawau and it only cost RM200 million.

The water dam at Merotai will benefit about half a million people who resides in the Kalabakan and Tawau parliamentary, but the bridge will benefit maybe about 50,000 people at Bum-Bum Island.

Proposal for the dam was made since 1985 and the land was already acquired in 1990 where about 600 acres and 75 per cent was paid for. Since water is the most basic importance the dam should be implemented first and the bridge later.

Constructing the bridge is only a luxury and I ask the government what is the rational to constructing the bridge at the moment when our economy is not so good. The bridge will cause lost of income to water-taxi operators plying the mainland to the island.

Water is the basic need of the people and to their health as well. Constructing the dam will also address the flood and drought problem as claimed by the government and BN Ybs.

I am not opposing the bridge construction for the long term but the money now is most urgently needed to build the Merotai water dam.

This bridge is not a priority project. It can wait. This dam is important as it will overcome many problems faced by the people in Kalabakan and Tawau for more than 30 years.

Bad electric wiring caused fires June 30, 2011

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Sabah DAP  Kapayan  Branch Chairman Stephen Jacob Jimbangan today commented that many fires that burnt down houses and properties were due to the bad wiring system and misuse of the electric power supply.


The misuse of the electrical wiring system is normally due to the overloading of the circuit by connecting to too many electrical appliances at one place. One single socket outlet is normally allowed with a maximum loading of 13amp, if there is a few electrical appliances are connected to the same single socket outlet, then this is a case of overloading, and will create heating up of the socket and wires. This will cause the plug and the wire to melt and burn to cause fire.


The common sight at home where the miss use of the wall socket outlet is the users always connect up with too many connections, especially the multi-point extension cord is used with the high current ampere electrical appliances like big hair dryers (4.5 amp), water kettles (6.5 amp), fans, oven and micro-wave (7.5 amp) etc.. The multi-point extension cord can not carry such combined heavy loading exceeding 13 amperes. The protective fuse protects only with a safety limit of 13 amperes only, and normally the user will like to change it to 30 amperes or more. This will not blow easily, but instead the wires and the socket will melt or burn. This is really a dangerous and wrong thing to do.



From observ

ation in many houses, especially those in the kampongs where they use without proper approved wiring system and no protection with the use of circuit breakers (MCB), it is very easy to cause fire and total burn out. The wires are connected usually from house to house without proper wiring standard, procedure and many just left hanging and exposed to rain

. A spark of fire from the wire can lead to a big fire, where a whole house or houses can be burnt down to the ground within minutes.


We have actually checked on many fires that were caused by the bad, old, not maintained, substandard wiring, unprotected circuits, and largely misused of the power supply system. Stephen said that it is the properties owner responsibility to ensure that all electrical wiring must be checked and if possible upgraded to avoid short circuit. This is even import

ant in all the industrial buildings and workshops.


Stephen urges that the SESB (Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd.) to conduct regular check on house holds, factories, complexes, and even hotels to advice the power consumers on the need to install proper and safe wiring system, and at the same time to see that regulations are complied with. The will save life and avoid properties lost. The local councils must also help to advice the house owners to do the same.


Stephen is also a qualified Mechanical and Electrical Engineer by profession. Therefore, we can take his words and advice in order to save ourselves a lot of troubles and losses. The photos provided by him served as a valid example and reminder that we should always be careful in adopting the correct and safe way of connecting up our electrical appliances to the power.



Stephen Jacob Jimbangan,SabahDAP Kapayan Branch Chairman.


Pic:  (1) wrong u

se of multiple connection of a single wall socket outlet

(2) correct use of wall socket outlet

(3) heavily loaded power extension cord connection



沙巴民主行动党甘拜园支部主席史提文(Stephen Jimbangan)指出许多火灾所烧毁的房屋和产业大多是由于电线短路,以及错误使用电插头所导致的。



许多住家里随处都可见到墙壁插座的错误使用,他们总是插上多个电器分插头,尤其是使用多数位插座用于多个高安培的电器,例如吹风筒(4.5安培),电水褒(6.5安培),电风扇,烤箱和微波炉(7.5安培)等。 该多数位插座实际上是不能负荷超出13安培以上的电流。 其保险丝只能够负荷限制于13安培以下的电流,而用户往往为了方便,会换上30安培或以上的保险丝。 超荷将造成电线和插座熔化或燃烧而引起火灾。 这是项极危险和错误的使用法。


许多房屋,尤其是甘榜木屋,大都没有符合规格的电路系统,也没有紧急电路切断系统(MCB),因此发生电源短路时,将很容易引起走火。 有些甘榜屋随意衔接电线也没有依照规格的安装,此外还有许多电线暴露在雨水中。 电线走火的火花可导致一场大火的发生,能将整栋和周边的房子在几分钟内夷为平地。



史提文敦促沙巴电力局必须进行检查房屋,工厂,大厦,甚至酒店是否有安装适当和安全的电源系统,并给于用户适当的指导。 该行动将会减少火灾的发生及生命财产的损失。 地方县议会也必须进行检查及帮助屋主在这方面的问题。


史提文也是位合格的机电专业工程师。 因此,我们可以采取他的忠告和建议,为自己减少麻烦和损失。 他提供的照片应当成一个有效的例子,以提醒我们在衔接电器的正确和安全的方法。






Musa Aman to explain on excessive timber logs export June 30, 2011

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The excessive and continuous export of timber logs fromSabahduring the past decades has effectively exhausted the supply of timber logs for the local timber down stream industries like sawmills and furniture factories.

Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu received many complaints from the timber industries sectors expressing their deep concern on not being able to get the needed timber logs to continue with their production and keep the factories and mills going. They said due to the decreasing availability of the timber logs locally, many mills and factories were forced to close down and many workers lost their jobs. There is no future in the timber industries inSabahif the situation is not given immediate attention and stern action and arrangement by the Sabah Government to counter the problems.

The timber industries were once the major source of big income in Sabah, and a main contributor to theSabaheconomy growth. That is the reason whySabahwas once booming with activities and very rich. It is sad to see that the present stage of economy is falling fast an


d we had become the poorest state inMalaysia. Many people who invested in the timber industries have suffered heavily. They are not happy and are blaming the government not doing anything to protect the well being of the timber industries.

Hiew said this unfortunate situation is entirely the responsibility of theSabahStategovernment. The suffering of the sawmills and timber down stream industries did not just happened now, but in fact it started a few decades ago, and during that time there were still plenty of timber logs available from the forest. Our forest management policies have totally failed and the millions ringgits of the state money invested on reforestation until today seems

not fruitful.

Today we can still see thousand of timbers logs being stocked up ready for expert through the many ports inSabah. Why these timber logs are not being reserved for the local timber industries, and just simply being exported away?


The state government in the past aimed to encourage the setting up of the local timber down stream industries, but why the government is not protecting and reserving the raw material for the industries? If there is no guarantee on the supply of raw material

, who want to set up the timber industries? Today, there are many down stream industries had been set up in the state, but with no timber logs supply can they sustain and survive? Many timber industries factories and mills have closed down or running into big losses. This is all because of the fault of the state government to allow on excessive export of the timber logs.

Hiew asked theSabahgovernment especially the Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman on what are the state policies on the timber industries now? Are the industries going to face dooms-day or factories to be closed down because of no timber logs supply? Musa Aman is the right person to explain and to give a clear answer to the people who are suffering due to the government is not protecting and safe guarding the interest of the local timber industries. They have invested millions of ringgits, and now seems going to a total lost.

Hiew said the st

ate government should stop all timber logs export from our forest. All export licenses have to be revoked and cancelled. It is better to stop the export now to save our timber industries then to gain some quick money from exporting the timber logs. By exporting the timber logs, it is only a few people benefited, but the timber industries are the live-lines of many thousand of people. These industries definitely will also earn big income and revenue forSabah. There is value added, when the timber being down streamed and as a finished product. I don’t understand where if the logic that the state government can’t visualize this important aspect of economic. This is something of urgency and the government m

ust act immediately before it is too late.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: closed down empty sawmills without logs supply

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲接到许多经营木业者的投诉,他们告诉邱氏说,他们感到非常忧虑,因为未能获得所需的木桐,以继续他们的木制产品的生产。 他



木业曾经是沙巴州其中主要的收入来源之一,有助以促进沙巴州的经济增长,沙巴州的木业曾经是一度非常活跃行业。 很可惜的是如今沙巴经济迅速下降,并且已成为马来西亚最贫困的州属。 凡是投资在木业的人士都面对严重的亏损,使到他们非常不满,并指责政府没有保护沙巴州的木材工业。


,木业的不幸完全是沙巴国阵政府所造成的。该些板厂和木制加工厂的问题并不是现在才发生,实际上几十年前他们就面对诸多问题。  当时沙州森林有充足的木桐供应,可悲的是政府的森林管理政策完全失败。政府所投资的重植林计划,直到今天似乎看不到成效,木业界仍然面对严重缺乏木桐供应的问题。




励本地商人投资于木业的加工和生产,但为什么今天政府没有保留木业者所需的原料?如果没有原料供应和保证,有谁愿意投资和经营木业?今天沙州已开设了许多木板加工厂,却没有木桐的供应,他们还能够维持下去吗? 许多板厂和加工厂面对倒闭或严重亏损,这都是因为州政府没有能力照顾本地木业者的需要,反而让过量的木桐运出口。

邱氏要问沙巴州政府,尤其是首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼有关政府对挽救木业方面将采取什么策略? 沙州的木业是否因为没有木桐的供应,将要注定面对关闭收盘的局面?慕沙阿曼是最适合的人来解释该事项,并向木业界的投资者有个明确的交代。木业投资者所投资的金钱数额而现在已面对巨大的损失。


府应立即停止木桐的出口。所有出口牌照必须被撤销。 更好停止出口木桐以拯救沙州的木材工业发展。 政府必须要知道只有少数

人受益于出口木桐,反而在本地有成千上万的人是靠木材工业讨生计。 此外木业发展一定能够为沙州带来很大的收益。  保留木桐并提供给本地木制加工厂并制作成品售卖,必能够提升经济增长率。 邱氏不明白国阵政府为何没有依据该方面的逻辑来考量,促使行业能够促进沙州经济的增长。  这是件紧迫的事,国阵政府必须立即采取有效行动禁止木桐的出口。



Musa Aman perlu menjelaskan tentang lebihan ekspot kayu balak.

Ekspot kayu balak dari Sabah yang berlebihan dan berterusan pada dekad yang lalu telah

menghabiskan bekalan kayu balak untuk industri kayu tempatan seperti kilang papan dan kilang perabot.

Ahli Parlimen Kota Kinabalu , Dr. Hiew King Cheu menerima banyak aduan daripada sektor industri kayu yang menyatakan kebimbangan mereka yang mendalam kerana tidak mendapat bekalan kayu balak yang diperlukan untuk meneruskan pengeluaran. Akibatnya, banyak kilang memproses kayu terpaksa gulung tikar dan ramai pekerja kehilangan pekerjaan. Tiada masa depan dalam industri kayu diSabah jika keadaan ini tidak diberi perhatian segera dan tindakan susulan oleh Kerajaan.

Industri kayu pada suatu masa dahulu adalah sumber pendapatan terbesarSabahdan merupakan penyumbang utama kepada pertumbuhan ekonomi negeri ini. Itulah sebabnya mengapa kita pernah menjadi negeri terkaya yang pesat dengan aktiviti pemba

ngunan. Sangat menyedihkan apabila kita melihat peringkat ekonomi sekarang jatuh dengan cepat dan kini kita telah menjadi negeri termiskin diMalaysia. Ramai pelabur dalam industri ini telah mengalami kerugian yang banyak. Mereka tidak berpuas hati dan menyalahkan kerajaan kerana tidak mengambil apa-apa tindakan untuk melindungi industri kayu.
Hiew berkata, keadaanmalang ini menjadi tanggungjawab sepenuhnya kerajaan Negeri Sabah. Penderitaan industri pemprosessan kayu bukan baru sekarang berlaku, tetapi ia telahpun bermula sejak beberapa dekad yang lalu dimana pada masa itu masih terdapat banyak kayu balak yang boleh diperolehi dari hutan. Dasar-dasar perhutanan kita telah gagal sama sekali dan berjuta-juta wang ringgit yang dilaburkan oleh kerajaan untuk penghutanan semula nampaknya tidak mendatangkan sebarang hasil sehingga ke hari ini.

Hari ini pun kita boleh nampak ribuan kayu balak memenuhi pelabuhanSabah, sedia untuk diekspot keluar. Mengapa pula kayu balak ini diekspot dan tidak digunakan dalam industri kayu tempatan?

Kerajaan negeri sebelum ini menggalakkan penubuhan industri kayu tempatan tetapi mengapa kerajaan sendiri tidak melindungi dan menyediakan bahan mentah untuk industri? Jika tiada jaminan bekalan bahan mentah, siapa yang mahu menubuhkan industri kayu? Hari ini, terdapat banyak industri berasaskan kayu telah ditubuhkan di negeri ini, tetapi tanpa bekalan kayu balak bolehkan mereka bertahan dan mengekalkan operasi mereka ? Banyak kilang industri kayu yang telah ditutup atau sedang mengalami kerugian besar. Ini semua kerana kesilapan kerajaan negeri yang membenarkan ekspot kayu balak yang berlebihan.

Hiew meminta kerajaanSabahterutama Ketua Menteri Datuk Musa Aman untuk menjelaskan apakah dasar negara pada industri kayu sekarang ini? Adakah industri ini akan menghadapi kepupusan ataupun semua kilang kayu akan ditutup kerana tiada bekalan kayu balak? Musa Aman adalah orang yang tepat untuk menjelaskan dan menjawab pertanyaan rakyat yang menderita akibat tindakan kerajaan yang tidak melindungi dan menjaga kepentingan industri kayu tempatan. Mereka telah melabur berjuta-juta ringgit, dan kini tidak mendatangkan sebarang hasil.

Hiew berkata kerajaan negeri harus menghentikan semua eksport kayu balak dari hutan kita. Lesen-lesen ekspot yang ada sekarang harus dibatalkan atau ditarik balik. Lebih baik menghentikan kegiatan pengekspotan kayu balak ini sekarang bagi menyelamatkan industri kayu kita daripada gelojoh untuk mendapatkan wang segera hasil daripada pengeksportan kayu balak. Kegiatan ini hanya menguntungkan beberapa pihak tertentu sahaja tetapi industri kayu tempatan adalah periuk nasi bagi beribu-ribu orang. Industri-industri ini pasti juga akan menyumbang pendapatan yang besar untukSabah. Nilai-nilai ini pastinya akan bertambah apabila kayu balak tersebut telah diproses menjadi produk akhir. Saya tidak faham mengapa kerajaan negeri tidak boleh memikirkan secara logik serta  menggambarkan kepentingan aspek ini dalam ekonomi. Ini adalah sesuatu hal yang sangat penting dan kerajaan perlu bertindak segera sebelum terlambat.

Hiew King Cheu, MP KK
Gambar : Kilang papan kosong yang ditutup kerana ketiadaan bekalan kayu balak