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Making a difference / Perubahan. April 19, 2008

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Saya telah berjanji kepada penduduk Tawau dan saya akan berusaha sedaya upaya dan kemampuan saya untuk kebaikan bandar Tawau.

These are the news clippings published by the Daily Express on whether I as the sole opposition assemblyman could make a difference. As I have promised, I will do my very best for the people of Tawau. Can the sole opposition make difference?tawauTawauTawauTawauTawau


Tawau Woes March 26, 2008

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Tawau woes hardly raised in assemblyClick thumbnail to read news.

Change for a better Tawau August 3, 2007

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Change for a better Tawau
DAP has already made known its intention to contest the Tawau’s Parliament seat and Sri Tanjung state seat in the coming general election.
We need your support to put things straight and “Change for a better Tawau”, we need strong opposition voice in the government for check and balance.
We are losing our open spaces, car parks, and recreational parks. Our town is becoming a ‘rojak town’ with no proper planning, what more with the controversial commercial developments that are currently taking places in Sabindo. Is this what we want less and less for the public?
I am not against developments, but it must go hand-in-hand with the public interest as the utmost importance. Public interest must come first in every aspect of the town planning.
We need to push for elected council President and councillors. The people should choose who they want as their councillors so the interest of the people would be safeguard.
I pray the Tawau people understand the importance of having good governance and check and balance as the future of Tawau is in your hands. Give DAP a chance to prove that it is sincere to represent and fight for the people, and to bring positive changes to Tawau.
To change Tawau, it needs a strong opposition voice in the parliament and cabinet, so our main goal is to secure a state and parliament seat. We hope the people would give us the chance to perform and be the check and balance for them. Justice for Sabah and Tawau.