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Coal powered plant – people very disappointed September 14, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in SESB.

The people were expecting good news but instead were very disappointed to hear that the coal powered plant will go ahead to tackle the electricity woes. Worse, I heard the construction at Felda Sahabat, Lahad Datu had already started even before the announcement made.

The people and myself are very disappointed, we were hoping for a good news on electricity woes. but instead receive bad news, something that the people rejected. Even more disappointing was that PM did not mention on any compensation for those who suffered from the blackouts especially the business sectors.

Businessmen to simple housewives have suffered and not even a bit of compensation was mentioned. Our ‘blackouts’ last for hours, in peninsular, even a 5-minutes ‘blackouts’ will create outrage from the people and TNB will have to apologize and even pay compensation.

Notice, when PM was here on Sunday, there was no blackout in Tawau the whole day, not even a minute!

The state government owed an explanation to the people, why it allow the building of the coal powered plant at Felda Sahabat, which is a plantation and meant to help the local farmers and pioneers by resettling them there. Has Felda Sahabat become a Federal Territory and the people have no say?

The state government who holds about twenty percent of shares through Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd must make it transparent to the people. We are talking about the future of our air quality and environment. This is no simple matter, even the haze produced from Kalimantan, Indonesia could reach Sabah and lingered about a week in Tawau alone. In future we will have double pollutions, the haze and the coal plant and nobody can guarantee there will be no pollution.

The PM’s slogan ‘People First’ has no more meaning as it had not put people first in respect to the coal plant even though majority of the people are against it from the very start at Darvel Bay, Lahad Datu before proposed to Sandakan.

People felt they had been forced to accept and their views are not important. It is no more like the olden days where parents will choose the sons or daughters partners and force them to marry whom the parents chose. That era is gone, people have changed, they know better, and they know what they want.  But BN wants to push their way and force the people to accept, eventhough it is very clear the people do not agree or accept. 

Personally, buying new generator sets would be more practical and faster way to tackle the electricity supply for the whole state for short term measures and tapping into water, solar and wind would be the best choice for the future.

I feel power thefts could be remedied by shifting power line poles further away or have underground cables for areas rampant with power thefts. This way losses could be minimize and will help in the short and long term measure.

I believe in equal competition and the Energy Commission should invite investors – local or foreign – to become another power supplier. With competition, I believe TNB and SESB will perform better.

Indeed, to many people, PM’s visit was a waste of time and people’s money, even the water problem was not mentioned. This is not ‘People First’, this is ‘People Second’, and not ‘Action Now’ but ‘Acting Now’, this is a very sad moment for Sabah who are left behind very far and only given promises after promises. Precious times had been wasted all these years to put things into the right direction.


Essay Competition August 25, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in SESB.

Essay competition on SESB poor power supply                              

The Sabah DAP is launching an essay/composition competition for all Sabahan on the suffering and anger caused by the SESB on not being able to supply every one of us the steady and uninterrupted power supply in Sabah. This is more serious in Sandakan, Tawau and Kota Kinabalu.


The Sabah DAP youth, culture and sport Bureau chief Teddy Yang Chan Tsze disclosed that the competition is split into 3 categories, the primary school group, secondary school group, and the open group. All the essays can be written in Chinese, English, and Bahasa Malaysia. The competitors have to put down their name, IC number, address, and telephone contact, and send it to or by post and E-mail to the Organizer, Essay competition, S10 shop lot, 1st floor, Lrg Mawas 1, Taman Foh Sang, Luyang, 88300, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, or call 088-254987, and E-mail to sabahdap@hotmail.com.      

 The content of the essay shall be not more then 300 words, and it is to express the feeling of the particular person towards the power supply cut, black out and disruption. The competition is judged on the use of words, phrases, expression, skill of writing, and the content of the essay. The essay can be hand written, typed, or computer print.

 Attractive cash prizes are given out to each category, with 1st prize at Rm500, 2nd prize at Rm300, and 3rd prize at Rm200. There is also a certification of appreciation to the winners.

 The closing date for the competition will be on the 5th of October, 2009. Any submission later than the closing date will be rejected.

 Teddy Yang further said that the objective of the competition can also enhance the writing skill of the students in particular, and create awareness of what is happening to us nowadays and that is seriously affecting our daily life. The modern life style can not do without electricity.

 Picture :  Chief Judges for the Essay Competition : Teddy Yang-English, Edward Mujie-BM and

                                                                      Jeffrey Wong-Chinese


Teddy Yang Chan Tsze.

Pelancaran Borang Saman SESB August 24, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in SESB.
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launchPelancaran borang-borang untuk menyaman SESB kerana gagal menjalankan ‘TANGUNGJAWAB’ membekal letrik tanpa ganguan maxima telah disempurnakan semalam selepas semua yang hadir pada dialog “Mengapa kita mesti menyaman SESB” sebulat suara menyokong tindakan tersebut.

Penguna harus tahu yang ini adalah prinsip perniagaan (business principle) dan obligasi moral. Sesebuah syarikat mesti bertangungjawap kalau menyebabkan kerugian dan kerosakan. Ini minta maaf sedikit pun tidak ada. Ada banyak sebab kenapa SESB harus dibawa ke mahkamah dan salah satu ialah SESB adalah satu syarikat niaga yang mengambil keuntugan daripada pejualan letrik kepada penguna.

Sebagai contoh, di Cina tidak lama dulu apabila sebuah syarikat besar menjual dan mengedar susu tercemar. Banyak orang terutama kanak-kanak jatuh sakit kerana keracunan dan ada yang mati. Syarikat ini telah di heret ke mahkamah oleh kerajaan Cina sendiri setelah tekanan dari ornag ramai dan ibu bapa. Dan syarikat ini sekarang telah bankrup kerana membayar ganti rugi dan pemilik telah di hukum mati kerana menyebabkan kehilangan nyawa. Inilah prinsip niaga dan obligasi moral yang mesti di tanggung, tidak boleh lepas tangan begitu saja.

Kita sudah mengalami situasi ‘blackout’ ini sekian lama, lebih 20-tahun dan situasi bukan bertambah baik tetapi bertambah buruk. Semua janji, cuma janji saja. Cukuplah, sudah lebih daripada cukup penguna memberi peluang kepada SESB untuk memperbaiki keadaan.

Sudah sampai masa kita selesaikan masalah ini di mahkamah dan saya perlu sokongang yang padu daripada semua untuk mengisi borang dan menjadi plaintif. Ramai-ramai kita membawa SESB ke meja pengadilan. Di sana kita akan tahu sebab-sebab kenapa, mengapa Sabah boleh jadi begini, kenapa ia gagal. Mari sama-sama kita bangun dan jangan lagi berdiam diri dan mengharap janji-janji di akan tunaikan.point  Bila? Berapa lama lagi kita harus tunggu? Bagi saya cukup sudah masa diberikan. SESB telah GAGAL! Rakyat sensara, perniagaan rugi dan banyak lagi keluhan-keluhan. Kikiskan sikap TIDAK APA, BIASA LAH, masa sudah sampai untuk kita bersuara dan minta hak-hak asas kita sebagai rakyat.

Untuk makluman, pada Ogos 30, bangunan berdepan dengan SESB, Tawau, saya akan berada di sana untuk berpuasa dan memakai pakaian hitam sebagai tanda ‘silent protest’. Saya juga akan mengumpul borong-borang saman. Sesiapa yang hendak ikut saya menyaman SESB, sila datang dan mengisi borang. Sediakan satu fotostat Mykad dan bil SESB terkini. Kepada yang lalu di kawasan itu, sila bunyikan hon kereta sebagai tanda sokongan. Seperti slogan Perdana Menteri kita, Rakyat Di Dahulukan, Tindakan Sekarang.

Bringing SESB to court August 11, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in SESB.
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Electricity woes exist since 1985 until today and Sabah today not even a day goes without a blackout occurring somewhere. There is bound to be a black out somewhere! The challenge before us that Sabah has achieved something that is against the will of the people. As a record, in Asia we are number one when it comes to ‘blackouts’.

We have to find a way out of this mess and we cannot leave the entire matter in the hands of SESB or TNB or the energy commission. In their hands electricity supply has became worst and worst though they had made many promises that the situation will get better. As an example the grid system when it was completed, where SESB director made a statement that ‘blackouts’ will become history.

I feel the people have a part to play, if Moses can lead the Israel people across the Red Sea, I believe we have to lead the people out of this darkness that we have suffered for more than 20-years. The blackout now can be described as crazy situation. People cannot stand it anymore and our MPs and YBs should not keep silent. It’s useless to point fingers at each other.

I only see one best solution to get out of this situation and that is by taking this case to the court of justice to sort it out, so that every party could tell their side of the story why or how we end up in this situation. The government needs to know why the people are so frustrated about the electricity woe. Why they say enough is enough.

On the other hand, Sabahans will understand the SESB function to supply constant electricity to the ‘rakyat’ for domestic and commercial use. We want the people to have all the inside information about SESB functions. Is it because of political interference that led us into this mess?

So all the questions, suspicions, interfering of SESB that led to this mess are put into the open for the public to scrutinize. The best avenue is no other than the court.

That is why DAP has decided to lead the way to initiate this legal process which we hope to file the case beginning next month.

The objective of the legal process

1. To highlight the plight and predicament of the rakyat of Sabah to the national leaders. It’s not a matter of win or loss.

2. The process will serve as a serious lesson to SESB and Energy Commission as to their short coming. Serious enough for them to make serious effort to restore the supply of electricity.

 3. SESB must be transform and serve the purpose of energy supplier. The role of effective supply of electricity to domestic and commercial just like other states. From the worst to be equal if not better than the other states. This is what we want to achieve in court.

I am appealing to all parties’ regardless oppositions or ruling and come face-to-face together with the people. The wellbeing of the Sabah people, economic development, Sabah Development Corridor all solely depends on our capability and determination to solve this top priority. The blackouts, not only made Sabah suffer but also scaring away investors from investing, even for a small business. Investors do not dare to come, that is why this case is urgent. Its top priority, together the opposition and government to solve the problem once and for all.

As a ‘wakil rakyat’ I welcome if there is any solution better than the court. Since blackouts involve life and death, state government must use money to just like investing on hospital. The government must be prepared to invest on standby units. We need new generators; the old ones are becoming junks, like the barge that cost RM150 million, now is lying idling.