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BN’s promise on state water tariff review in 2011 proven a ‘Lie To Sabah People’ May 3, 2013

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On Nov 24, 2011 during the winding up speech, then Minister of Infrastructure Development  also the Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan told the State Assembly sitting that his ministry is in the process of reviewing the State’s water tariff structure.

He said the review would be fair and based on the ability of the different segment of consumers to pay.

Pairin noted that the existing tariff is based on a flat rate of 90 sen per cubic meter of water for both domestic and commercial sectors. (Which is not fair)

However, he said it is not appropriate to compare Sabah water tariff with those of the other states in Malaysia, which have different structures. He said it is important for elected representatives to give clear picture before making comparison.

Sir Tanjung assemblyman Jimmy Wong had on Nov 21 (Tue) urged the government to re-evaluate the water tariff in Sabah to avoid further burdening the people.

Jimmy said Sabahans were paying 50 per cent more for water than comsumers in neghbouring Sarawak, where the water costs 46 sen and 66 sen for between 0 and 14m3.

PR in Selangor since taking over the management from BN is able to give 20m3 free clean water which proves Pakatan Rakyat (PR) promise is not a lie in 2008. (BUKAN JANJI BOHONG).

Here in Sabah we are paying 90 sen per cubic meter compared to other states which is as low as 45 sens.

When Pairin made the water tariff review statement which was published in the front page of local newspaper, I hoped the new tariff will be lower for domestic consumers so it would not burden them especially the lower income group.

My question to the ministry on Mac 2012 was answered in written form through the Dewan Undangan Negeri Sabah which stated the government is planning and reviewing the water tariff based on management cost, treatment and distribution and using the principle of consumers using more water should pay more.

However, to my question at the Dewan on July 16, 2012 on the water tariff review status, I was told the state government is in the process of appointing a consultant firm to carry out detail study on the cost and other factors connected to water tariff.

Until before the dissolution of the Federal Government together with the State Government of Sabah, the water tariff matter my guess is still being studied.

We in PR promise if chosen by the people to form the next government will see to it that the water tariff is reduced for consumers and at the same time will give 20m3 free to domestic consumers which is equivalent to RM18 saving for each household.

We promise to review the privatization of the water treatment and the management of the  Water Department to ensure water for all Sabahans and reduce the tariff appropriately without burdening consumers.

BN cannot even handle flash floods at cripples pumps at the Cintamata water treatment plant . For years, the RAKYAT have been waiting for better water supply, consistent, clean and cheaper but was given promises after promises.

I say no more, change the BN’s old style management and give PR new style management to prove that things could be better for all.


What happened to the water tariff review? May 3, 2013

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