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Pakatan Rakyat Sabah “Kebangkitan Rakyat” people’s assembly held on 24 November at Kian Kok Middle School November 22, 2012

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Pakatan Rakyat Sabah Secretariat will be organizing a peaceful assembly with a theme ‘Kebangkitan Rakyat’ at Kian Kok Middle School on 24 November 2012.

The assembly is called to show that Sabahan would not continue to be the fix-deposit of the Barisan Nasional where the people will assemble peacefully to show the people’s power,PR Sabah said in a statement today.

PR Sabah also stressed that the top leaders of Pakatan Rakyat namely Keadilan de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, DAP Parliamentary Leader Lim Kit Siang and PAS Deputy President Mat Sabu will be present together with the people to witness the moment of people rises.

The fund-raising dinner for Pakatan Rakyat Sabah will be held also after the assembly is ended, at Star City Convention Centre, 7pm.

The money raised will be used to support the activities of Pakatan Rakyat in preparation for the coming 13th general election.

Pakatan Rakyat appeals to the public and supporters to attend and participate in the both functions. While helping Pakatan Rakyat Sabah they will also be hearing and knowing the latest and current political situation in the country.

The people of Sabah are now well awared of their rights and responsibilities for their future and country. Therefore, let’s come together to join this assembly to show the power of the people, PR Sabah stressed.

As for the dinner session, the dinner tickets are still available and the public who are interested can buy them from each representatives of the party.

For more information, please contact the representatives: DAP Sabah – Mr. Johnny Wong (0168334855), PKR – Dr Kelly Tham (0168293999), PAS – Mr. Ali (0138715971), PPPS – Mr. Narawi (0198805055) and APS – Mr. Stephen James (0198510280).



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