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2nd hand Generators for Tawau again March 6, 2012

Posted by wong jimmy in electricity.
The Sabah government must insist on new generators instead of second-hand generators that will be installed at Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) site near Taman Millennium East by TNB.
      SESB is in the process of preparing the site to place two 32 megawatt generators at the site, but the problem is that the two generators that will be provided are second-hands from Langkawi.
     Again, why are used generators being sent to Tawau. We object to anything that is not new. The government under the Super Corridor must insist on brand new generators. We don’t want a super second-hand corridor.
    Tawau should get new generators as the people are paying taxes and those in oil palm plantation sector are paying three taxes compared to their counterpart in the peninsular. Why should we be treated different? Why are being treated as second-class citizens?
    The Chief Minister should take note, as a leader he should not allow these second-hand generators. These generators will breakdown anytime.
    Sabahans should be enjoying news ones just like in peninsular who are getting everything new.
    I also would like to remind Foreign Minister Datuk Anifa Aman whose statement in the parliament that Malaysia has a big bungalow but Sabah stays in toilets. I hope he will continue to fight for equality.
    SESB must have long term plan and foresees things ahead in years to come and accepting second hand generator is not a wise solution. We don’t want to be a dump-site for 2nd hands things.


1. 2nd hand Generators for Tawau again - http://politik.blog.my | http://politik.blog.my - October 16, 2012

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