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Janji-Janji Pakatan Rakyat Sabah January 30, 2012

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1. Merealisasikan Autonomi Sabah

2. Menubuh Suruhanjaya Diraja Untuk Masalah Pendatang Tanpa Izin

3. Menuntut 20% Royalti Minyak

4. Mempertahankan Hak Tanah Adat

5. Merombak FELDA

6. Menjanjikan Dividen Tabung Yayasan Sabah RM300 Kepada Setiap Sabahan

7. Menghapuskan Dasar Kabotaj

8. Menubuhkan Petro Sabah Dan Menuntut Balik Blok L & M

9. Menubuhkan Yayasan Orang Asal Untuk Membasmikan Kemiskinan

10. Menaiktarafkan Kemudahan Asas Sabah Dalam 5 Tahun


There is hope for Sabah – DAP Advisor Lim Kit Siang speech at DAP Tawau CNY open house January 30, 2012

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Democratic Action Party (DAP) advisor Lim Kit Siang believes there is hope for Sabah in the Dragon Year, a hope to change.

“Sabah had changed government four times but there were no fundamental changes. Sabah is a rich state but the people are poor and lacking good infrastructures such as road and heath service,” he said.

Kit Siang blamed this failure on mismanagement, power abuse, corruption which had made Sabah become poor though it is rich in resources.

“BN leaders can become billionaires but the people poor. That is why Sabah must change. There is only one way, there is no other choice, if we want a clean Malaysia. We must topple UMNO,” he said.

“Deputy prime minister said don’t fall into DAP trap. They (UMNO) are sleeping. For 46 years we have come forward to defend the people’s right so that they can stay in Malaysia as a free citizen. They do not understand because they are UMNO Putra,” he said.

He said UMNO is scared of DAP and PR (Pakatan Rakyat) that had succeeded garnering the people’s support.

“If UMNO lost its power the position of Islam, Kings and Malay will be uphold and protected,” he assuered.

Tawau Central Market RM200,000 toilet not up to standard January 18, 2012

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The RM200,000 new toilets at the Tawau central market is not up to standard does not impress me and I am not happy with the quality and condition of the new toilets after personally visiting the washroom yesterday.
With such a big allocation, the toilet should be impressive with first class look and high quality material used, or like those at three stars hotel.

The materials are of poor quality, the workmanship are poor and shabby. There are leaking and some flush at the men’s toilet are already not working because the materials used are of poor quality. The tiles finishing at the wash bowl is bad and can cause injury to public especially small children. Have a look for yourself and tell me that toilet is worth RM200,000.

Some of the women also complaint that the women toilet finishing was rough and their dresses get caught at the edge of walls and doors because of bad finishing at the edges of walls and so on.

On behalf of the public, I demand the toilet be redone. Change the faucet, flush and pipes with quality ones. The finishing must be professionally done and not shabby as it is now. This is for the public, using public money and it must worth the RM200,000.

I had met Tawau Municipal Council (TMC) President Datuk Ismail Mayakob and was informed that the budget to renovate or repair the central market will be out this year.

The public and traders expectation are high after so many years. Leaks in the ceiling, piping clogged, chairs and tables damaged, lighting and fans not working, tiled floor not polished as stipulated in the agreement of the contractor, and many more.

I hope the council will award the works to be done to qualified contractors as this will save the council on maintenance and repair works.

As we see it now, the newly completed toilets are already needing repair, which should not be so if the contractor is a qualified one.

On September 10 last year, the Sabah Local Government and Housing Ministry has approved RM350,00 for repair of the lift and building of a public toilet at the market.

The minister, Datuk Hajiji Noor, has directed the Tawau Municipal Council to submit the cost needed to repair the ceiling of the market which houses more than 700 traders.

He said RM200,000 was allocated for the public toilet, and RM150,000 for the lift. The estimated cost for repair of the ceiling is between RM300,000 and RM500,000 and he wanted to know the exact cost before looking for funds.