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New Year Message From State DAP Chairman December 31, 2011

Posted by wong jimmy in speech.

Happy New Year.
Welcome year 2012, the year of the dragon!

In the Chinese tradition, dragon is associated with strength, prosperity, bravery, success, wealth and great leadership,

Every married couple wishes to have their child born in this year as it is associated with the great features of this creature.

We certainly expect a vibrant Malaysians of Malaysia in the year 2012. A year of great success, prosperity, full of wealth and vibrancy. To achieve that, we certainly need a lot of changes. We do not need an evolution for this vibrant socio-economic transformation. We need a revolution! A total revolution in our political system. A total transformation and restoration of the rightful interpretation of our Malaysian Constitution. As the highest law in Malaysia, it has been badly interpreted and abused by certain quarters of top leadership. For generations, these leaders who inherited the Malaysian dynasty of political power had continue to carry on the abusive and discriminative system without settling down and think for themselves the implication of what they have done for the country. Malaysia is at least 20 years behind any highly developed countries in the world at any given time. We do not deserve to be layback. We are a vibrant society with great leaders, great intellectuals and a God given wealthy natural resources. But what have our past and present leaders done with such rich resources we have? Restrictive and discriminative policy that destroyed our nation.

The year 2012 signifies a great transformation to take place both nationally and internationally. The world economy is projected to be on an uncertain state. The increasing incidence of disaster all around the world in the year 2011 has taught us a valuable lesson to be prepared for the unforeseen disasters ahead of us. The world political turmoil and drastic transformation warrant notification. People are tired of leaders who are too busy collecting wealth for themselves and leaving the people in a poor state.

We need to be more proactive rather than reactive in our approach. The world economy is expected to be on a slower developmental state as natural calamities, corruption, mismanagement, speculation and abuse of powers continue to exist.

At this very moment of the year, we normally gather together in our respective organization, may it be the church, mosque, temple or any place of worship to praise the Lord that we worship, to give thanks and to pray, hope and make new wishes that our Lord my grant us what we desire, yet allowing His will to be done in our life.

This time around, I prayed and hope that we also make new resolution for our country. Disregard of what race we are, what position we are, what career we are in, we are just the same, human being with basic and similar human characteristics. What makes us different and a better person lays in the power of choice. The choices we made every moment of our life. This time around, let us put our aim and aspiration together, from unity comes strength, from new aspiration and dare to change, we make a new world. Its was said that, a new government is always a better government.
Remember Indonesia under Soeharto, Philippines under Marcus? The subsequent Govt. was so much better. And in the case of Taiwan, the new KMT Govt. is also so much better.

We, who are Malaysians, called Malaysia our home. Sabah is the home for the native of Sabahan. It should be governed by the local and not some transplanted BN-led appointee to rule over the people of Sabah or Sarawak. We are not staying in the jungle or on the tree top anymore. But if the people of BN-led leaders would like to stay on the tree top, we do have some of the top class tourist spot for you to rent and enjoy for a fee.

Do take note that we have Sabahan who hold top political leadership in Australia, top surgeon, top accountants serving in Singapore, UK, US and Australia, and medical doctors serving in top hospitals in Singapore, Australia, UK and US, and many more excellent achievement. Malaysia is never lack of intellectual. What it lacks is equality and opportunity for all races.

The year 2012 ahead of us remains uncertain with the deficit budgeting by state government. Election goodies will be distributed by January 2012. Such an act is an insult to the intelligent of the people of Malaysia. We do not need another lollipop which was given free of charge every few months before election. After all it’s a budget derive from our tax. It’s our own money.

Let us put our soul and heart together and pray for a better Malaysia, tomorrow. The power lies in the hand of each and every one of us, the rightful citizen of Malaysia. Vote wisely because your future, your children’s future, your children’ children’s future and generations to come, lays in the hand of your single vote today. Your vote counts! So use it wisely.

Cheers and happy dragon year 2012.

From the Desk of

Jimmy Wong

State Dap Sabah



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