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Sabah Air’s Eurocopter AS 355 NP and EC 145 without Operations Specification Certificate? December 20, 2011

Posted by wong jimmy in Abuse.

Following my question based on the Auditor General findings on the purchase of the Eurocopter AS 355 NP for RM13 million and Eurocopter EC 145 for RM21 million by Sabah Air, I received many information and feedbacks from concern public in my blog and email.

As Datuk Pang Yuk Ming said I was being senseless, I would like to ask him is it true that Sabah Air Aviation Chairman Datuk Yusof and CEO Manu with one senior staff were seen rushing to Kuala Lumpur trying to get  both the EC145 and AS355NP new choppers  register onto Sabah Air Aviation’s “OPERATIONS SPECIFICATION  CERTIFICATE” from the Jambatan Penerbangan Awam in Putra Jaya on December 6, 2011(Friday).

Without the ‘OPERATION SPECIFICATION CERTIFICATE’  in place which should be kept with other document in the chopper, Sabah Air Aviation cannot use the choppers for revenue flights for example for public charters.

I was informed that the AS 355 NP is not only without the OPERATIONS SPECIFICATION CERTIFICATE but also without the “AIRWORTHY CERTIFICATE” not renewed since expired about a month ago.

The AS 355 NP is therefore  not allow to fly any passenger with an expired Airworthy Certificate . The chopper may only fly under special condition only for example for ‘Flight Test’ to qualify for the Airworthy Certificate renewal.

If this is true, how dare Sabah Air Aviation wants to invite me to flying in the AS355NP on December 16, 2010 (Friday)

Is it true the EC 145 carry the registration mark “9M-CMD” and that EC 145 is also with VVIP seats configuration and the Chief Minister can use this expensive chopper to travel on the EC 145.

Is it true that “9M” signifies Aircraft  registered in Malaysia and follow the running three alphabets and one can choose special registration mark. I am told that Sabah Air specially selected 9M-CMD to signify Chief Minister Department.

Can I, as the people representative, visit Sabah Air and see the Original copy of the OPERATION SPECIFICATION CERTIFICATE that the EC 145 Registration mark 9M-CMD and AS355 NP Registration mark 9M-MOH are registered in the Sabah Air’s  Operations Specification Certificate.

I do not want to be shown a photo-copy like what NCT did when showing the photo copy of their expensive AS350 which I was informed is already off registered from Malaysia register few months ago.

I would also like to know if NCT will allow me to charter all their three helicopters for the PBS (Parti Bersatu Sabah) and Kota Kinabalu Kapitan who tried to defend NCT. I would like Frankie Chai, the spokesman for NCT to show me the original copy of AS355NP Airworthy Certificate.

Is it true that only one pilot was sent for the AS355 NP training and not three as claimed and this pilot was not sent for the EC145 training.

My information is that three pilots were sent for EC 145 training, one had resigned and at this moment only one can fly as the other pilot currency to fly the EC145 has expired.

I hope the invitation to fly on Christmas Day for a joy ride with children is still on. I and the people would like to see the Sabah Air two new choppers and NCT’s three choppers on that day with all the original certificates in order unless both have something to hide from the people.

Let me remind you that IN THE AUDITOR GENERAL REPORT Sabah Air Aviation Sdn. Bhd. (Sabah Air) was established in 1975 under the Company Act 1965 and has shares (allowed) totalling RM100 million and paid up capital RM40.87 million. Sabah Air is owned by the Sabah Government which holds RM31 million shares (75.9 per cent) and Sabah Energy Corporation Sdn. Bhd with RM9.87 million (24.1 per cent) shares. Sabah Energy Corporation Sdn. Bhd. Is a wholly owned State Government company. Sabah Air has three direct (3) subsidiary companies and two (2) indirect subsidiary companies.

The main objective of Sabah Air is in air transportation service and look after planes. Services provided are oil support services, aerial survey and photography, filming, heavy lifting/underslung job, flying doctor service, power work, executive charter and aerial crop spraying & application. Sabah Air has two (2) King Air type planes and a Nomad and eleven (11) helicopters which are eight (8) Bell type, two (2) Eurocopter and one (1) Augusta.

The Auditor General found that in general Sabah Air is capable to provide air service and look after planes as its establishment objective, however, Sabah Air’s income from 2007 to 2009 are not consistent. Sabah Air recorded clean profit for 2007 and 2009 while for 2009 recorded loss.  For 2007 to 2009, income for 2007 was RM18.24 million and increased to RM27.51 million in 2008, however, the income reduce to 20.07 million in 2009 and for 2009 Sabah Air spent RM2.70 more from its income. The 2007 high income was due to the sales of two units of helicopter/plane totalled EM8.41 million, while the higher income for 2008 was due to high demand during the election.  Sabah Air’s profit before tax reduced to RM2.78 million for 2007 and RM1.82 million for 2008 and for 2009 a loss of RM2.71 before tax.

That is why I questioned the RM1 lease as it did not make money for the people of Sabah.

Sabah Air is in the ‘red’ and is not making money in 2009, so why leased at RM1.




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