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‘State reps don’t need extra medical aid’ August 23, 2011

Posted by wong jimmy in Medical.

by Free Malaysia Today

TAWAU: Sabah DAP chairman Jimmy Wong is seeing red over the addition provision (fourth term) of RM1,660,000 for state assembly representatives’ medical costs to be tabled in the Sabah State

Legislative Assembly tomorrow.

Describing it as outrageous, he said he spent less than RM1,000 on medical fees plus nutrients per month.

“If approved, which I am sure will be, it means YBs will get to spend RM2,660,000 per year (RM1 million already approved) or RM3,694 per YB per month,” he said.

Wong said he is against the additional provision being applied and hopes the other state representatives are with him.

The additional cost, he said, is laughable as it tends to point out that state representatives are seriously ill and need huge medical fees at the expense of the tax-payers money.

According to the soon to be tabled provision, the additional amount is needed to coordinate the payment of medical costs for assemblymen since last year.

Wong however said the additional amount was unnecessary and suggested assembly representatives “do more exercise and eat healthy food to keep-fit”.

“I do Hash (runs) whenever I have time, at least once a week, and I watch what I eat and I suggest every YB does so and help reduce medical fees,” he said.

The special provision for additional RM1.6 million medical expenses for the 60 state representatives also flies in the face of the already much-criticised standard of medical facilities available in the state.

“YBs should be an example to the people and keep tab on their health by doing more exercise rather than relying on medical help or solutions.

“As leaders, we should lead by example and I would rather have this additional RM1,660,000 be given for the BOT (Bantuan Orang Tua). They will need it more for their medical expenses.

“The addition sum being sought for medical and other services does not strike the right tune and YBs must show that they are as-fit-as-a-fiddle to become leaders to the people and not sick leaders who rely on free-medication.”

Wong said he would like to see which assembly representatives had spent the highest amount on medical fees over the past two years before a decision was made.

“It will be seen as helping YBs to ease their burden of expense with regards to the rising cost of living.

“If approved, I will waive the additional sum of RM1,300 which I am entitled to per month and I would like to advise other YBs not to abuse the additional sum for Viagra,” he said.



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