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EC- Find the 5 oldest voters in Perak August 1, 2011

Posted by wong jimmy in EC.

Democratic Action Party (DAP) Member of Parliament for Taiping, Perak and also state assemblyman for Pantai Remis, Nga Kor Ming  threw a challenge at the Election Commission to find the five oldest voters in Perak latest electoral roll.

“DAP Perak will pay RM10,000 (RM2,000 each) to the voters if they (EC) can find the oldest out of 1,607 voters who are above 100 years old,” he said yesterday.

Nga said the oldest was born in 1879 during the time Larut was a mining town.

He said his conditions are that EC find the five voters age 132 years old which is in the list within seven days, the voters must had voted in the last election and they are still alive.

“I am proud Perak can produce many centenarians. Since this is EC’s list find them. Failing which EC deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar should resign as it was he who said if anyone has evidence show us (EC),” he said.

“I put my challenge based on their (EC) list,” he said.

On another note, Nga said indelible ink has proven effective and cheap compared to the biometric  voter identification system the EC is proposing.

“Why kill ‘mosquitoes’ using ‘machine guns’ when you can use mosquitoes spray,” ha said adding the proposed system will create another problem.

Meanwhile, DAP Sabah chairman Jimmy Wong said DAP Sabah will top-up another RM10,000 if the EC can find the 5 voters in Perak who are over 132-years-old.

“If you (EC) can find them, you can find me and I will pay. I also call for EC to have an open debate in Sabah so the people can bring evidence on phantom voters,” he said.



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