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Registering foreigners to be Malaysian? / 外来人登记成为公民? June 22, 2011

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Sabah DAP Kudat chief Alex Wong today went pass the Sikuati town near Kudat saw a registration boot where many people were queuing up for an registration exercise.
Out of curiosity, he approached the people who gathered at the community hall in Sikuati to find what is happening. He was told by the people in the market that there is a registration for the MYcard application. He saw quite a number of people waiting and these people seem to be not our local folks and some are elderly. He then spoke to some of them and confirmed through the conversation that they are not even the locals from Kudat district.
The Native chief present there refused to comment when asked how can these people suspected to be foreigners can registered to apply for our MYcard, and he declined to comment and just sat down with these groups of alleged foreigners.
The registration exercise was started on the 13th to the 17th of June. There had been many such people who had come for the registration. According to the people interviewed by Alex Wong, the registration was supposed to be meant for the late registration for the local new born, but how come these older people were queuing up to register. Many of them had the letter of consent from the DO, Ketua Kampong, and Native Chief, before they can register.
Alex said this is extraordinary to see that the registration exercise is done in such a manner, and it is improper. He wants the JPN and JKM to explain why this is happening. Alex said he was told that this type of registration is not only happening in Sikuati, but this had been carried out in many other places in Sabah eg. In Petagas, Telipok, Pulau Banggi, and even in Penampang.
If we are registering the foreigners to give them MYcard, this is dead wrong and this is an act of treason. We can not allow this to happen under our nose, and that is why our population had jumped 390% during the past. Who is behind all these, and who should be held responsible? Are we the local Sabah Bumiputra going to be the minority when compared with the “new Bumiputra”? Some thing has to be done to stop this, otherwise our children and grand children will definitely suffer. I see no use to ask the BN government to investigate into this matter, and the only way to stop this is to change the government and let Pakatan Rakyat to replace them.
Alex Wong, Sabah DAP Kudat Chief.
Pic: Alex talking to the people waiting to be registered.

如果我们登记外来人并分发给他们MyCard,这是大错特错,并且也是一种叛国的行为。我们不能让这种事情发生,而且这已造成沙巴人口爆增390%的主因。 到底是谁应该负责?  与‘新土著’相比,道地的沙巴土著将成为少数民族。 必须要停止这一切,否则我们的后代肯定会受到影响。 要国阵政府调查此事只是浪费时间,唯有换上民联才能阻止这项非法的行径。


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