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DAP urged Tourism Board to development the Ganna cultural heritage / 沙行动党敦促旅游发展局发展甘那土著文化(Ganna Cultural Heritage) June 22, 2011

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Dr Benjamin Yapp, Sabah DAP Parliamentary Liaison Chief for Keningau & Tenom, together with his Deputy Liaison Chief, Mr Phillip Voon organizing a Community program related to Ganna Cultural musical performance at Kampung Sandapak, Bingkor, Keningau for the benefits of the local youths and community.

The primary aims were to encourage local youths towards participation in fine arts relating to the Ganna Native Arts and Culture and offering them an opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills and talents in the Arts and culture of the Ganna Native of Sabah.   This way, we could also to complement with the Government towards the alleviation of social problems facing the rural youths.   Dr Benjamin who is also a Diplomat member of the World Affairs Council (WAC) is committed in his endeavors to offer voluntary community services to assist the Ganna Cultural Association Sabah in order to preserve the rich aboriginal cultural heritage of the Ganna tribes.    In fact the BN Government has been neglected the Sabah Cultural and the rich and beautiful Sabah aboriginal cultural heritage is in the danger of extinction.
Sabah DAP urged the Tourism Board of Malaysia to contribute towards the development of the Ganna cultural heritage in Sabah.  Dr. Benjamin stated that the Ganna cultural heritage is one of the richest native heritages in Borneo.   He would seek the assistance of the World Affairs Council towards obtaining world heritage recognition from UNESCO at the appropriate time.  With the colorful traditional culture and the performing arts in relation to the “Tagungak”, a traditional bamboo and “gongs” orchestra as well as the wealth of native artifacts. Ganna native folklores and the “Bahasa Ganna” (Ganna language) that needed to be preserved before the culture was totally illuminated, it is hoped that NGOs and institutions would come to their aid in order to preserve the rich aboriginal cultural heritage of Borneo.   The BN never try to help to keep the rich beautiful cultural in Sabah, better just forget BN and let Pakatan Rakyat help the native of Sabah to keep their aboriginal cultural heritage.
By Dr Benjamin Yapp
沙行动党敦促旅游发展局发展甘那土著文化(Ganna Cultural Heritage)
沙巴民主行动党内陆选区负责人本杰明叶博士,与助手菲利普温(Phillip Voon)计划在甘榜山达巴(Kg. Sandapak),冰谷(Bingkor)和根地咬为当地青年和社区举办甘那文化(Ganna Cultural)的音乐演奏活动。
主要目的是鼓励在年轻一代的甘那族发展和推广其族的艺术文化,并提供他们机会更加认识自身的艺术文化和母语,同时也延续其文化遗产。 以期同时也可以藉此活动让青年人远离犯罪和减低社会问题。 本杰明博士是WAC(World Affairs Council)的会员,他说他会尽所能的协助沙巴甘那文化社以保存和传承该丰富的甘那部落文化。  很可悲的是国阵政府并没有给于任何的关注和援助保存沙土著的文化,而这富有色彩的土著文化也将逐渐的没落和消失。
沙巴民主行动党敦促马来西亚旅游局应该要发展沙巴甘那文化遗产。 本杰明博士说,甘那文化是婆罗洲其中最富有本地文化的遗产之一。  他说他将会向要求WAC援助把甘那文化纳入世界文化遗产之一。   甘那文化拥有非常丰富多彩的传统文化,其中‘Tagungak’则是传统的竹器,是乐队中的锣鼓文物。  我们要保留甘那族的民间传说和甘那语,以及其丰富表演艺术,因此希望能够获得非政府组织和机构的援助,以维护着丰富多彩的婆罗洲原住民的文化遗产。 但是国阵不曾真正协助沙巴土著保留他们美丽的文化,因此应该遗弃国阵,让关心人民的民联来执政并协助沙土著发展其丰富多彩的土著文化。


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