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Sabah DAP Parliamentary Liaison Chief for Keningau & Tenom, Dr Benjamin Yapp conducted a random survey    of the rural road conditions in Bingkor sub-district of Keningau and discovered that several rural road conditions in Keningau had deteriorated from bad to worse with out  any sign of road repairs and maintenance works that were supposed to be carried out by the PWD.  There are few bad condition roads  along Jalan Mengitom, Jalan Kampung Bunga Raya leading to a rural primary school, SK Bunga Raya in the Bingkor sub-district. There were regular traffic flow from the various kampongs and plantations to Pekan Bingkor and Keningau township but the bad road conditions had made it difficult for regular commuters and school children to travel along the earth road that was often dusty during dry weather and muddy with badly damaged road, full of potholes and water blogged holes. Many parts of the rural roads were only accessible by the four-wheel drive vehicles while cars often had heavy maintenance and repairs due to the bad rural road conditions. The villagers lamented that despite of the promises made by the Government in the previous State Elections but until now no improvement had been made to upgrade the rural roads that had deprived many rural people to improve in their socio-economic development for many years.

It was shocking to discover that the basic rural road infrastructures had been long neglected despite of the allocation of Billions of Ringgit for t

he 9MP meant for rural infrastructure development but the interior had been neglected for a long time and recently the RM10 Billion for rural development projects under the Tenth Malaysia Plan (10MP) was announced.

Sabah Dap interior mobile volunteers services led by Dr Benjamin Yapp, who is also a member of the World Affairs Council (WAC), having concerns on human rights, poverty alleviation, social problems and related development of the rural communities stressed that as true leader

s and politicians,  it was of paramount importance to contribute towards the socio-economic development of the people, particularly in the interior where majority of the rural communities were still living in backward conditions, and poverty was rampant in the rural areas.

Sabah DAP interior mobile services volunteers had been moving around the rural areas in the interior to monitor the progress and improvements made on rural infrastructure development from time to time. The rural communities had made numerous complaints to Sabah DAP concerning the lack of proper basic infrastructures, rural roads, bridges, amenities, utilities, poverty and social problems faced by the people in the rural areas. The rural folks were in a dilemma for long and their problems were made worse with the recent fuel price hike, coupled with increased prices of essential commodities. A survey was conducted by Sabah DAP interior mobile service team in the vari

ous rural areas and they found that the situations of the hard core poor families were very regretful. The poor children were deprived of healthy nutrition and decent meals. It was found that a number of poor children living in the rural areas feed on rice with soya sauce and porridge with cheap “ikan bilis” or, salted fish bought from the temu ground  without money to buy food and ration from the local market. In contrast to the urban children, they could well afford to eat good food, and many parents could even afford to treat their children for western fast food like the KFC and Burger King. What had gone wrong with our rural society? Why were the rural people being deprived of a better standard of living? The Government was urged to look into the plights of the rural people, particularly to improve their standard of living.

Sabah DAP urged the Member of Parliament for Keningau and the State Assemblyman of Bingkor personaly ‘turun padang’ and to look into the pr

evailing problems of the rural people and to speed up with the rural infrastructure development as the Government has declared the RM10 Billion development fund that is now available. The people of the rural areas of the interior deserved to enjoy better rural infrastructure development and a better standard of living.



民主行动党议会内陆选区根地咬及丹南负责人本杰明叶博士前往根地咬冰谷观察甘榜马路问题,他发现根地咬内陆甘榜区的公共道路,由于有关当局没有进行保养和维修,该些马路状况更日益糟糕。 其中的有蒙吉同路(Jln Mengitom),以及通往冰谷乡村小学的大红花路(Jln Kampung Bunga Raya)。  每天有许多车量进出冰谷和根地咬镇,但是因为马路恶劣的状况,导致马路使用者和学童上学时许多的不便以及危险,该段马路在干燥的天气时灰尘飞扬,到了下雨时路面到处都是泥泞和被水淹没的坑洞,他们必须要小心驾驶以免发生意外。 有许多内陆甘榜的马路只可使用四轮驱动车辆行驶,而这些车辆往往必须面对昂贵的维修和保养费。  村民对政府感到非常不满,在过去国州选举里,国阵承诺要提升和维修马路,但到现在为止也没有任何

善,所作出的承诺也没有实行。  这不单剥夺内陆甘榜人的权益,也阻碍了改善内陆区的社会经济和发展。

令人感到愤怒的是,国阵政府长期以来都忽略着内陆农村的道路基本设施,尽管政府在第九大马计划已经拨出数亿令吉来发展该设施。 但是第九大马计划还没有进行,政府又在第十大马计划宣布拨出马币一百亿于农村发展项目。 政府到底有否真正关注内陆区的问题?
本杰明叶博士是沙行动党内陆区流动服务队负责人,同时也是世界事务理事会(WAC)的会员,尤其是关注人权,消除贫困,社会和农村社区发展问题的他强调说,真正的领袖和政治家,应该是关注人民社会和经济的发展,尤其是内陆的农村社区。 但是迄今大多数的内陆甘榜的生活仍然落后和贫困。

沙行动党内陆区流动服务队将会常常走访内陆甘榜地区,以视察政府所施行的农村基本设施建设的工程进度。 内陆甘榜已多次向沙行动党投诉有关该处缺乏完善的基本设施,马路,桥梁,公共设施等问题,此外他们还面对贫困,失业和社会的问题。  内陆甘榜人的生活非常艰苦,最近再加上燃油价格和基本商品价格不断的上涨,导致他们的生活更加的辛苦。沙行动党内陆流动服务队调查发现,许多内陆甘榜,尤其是偏远的甘榜有许多贫困的家庭。 这些可怜的孩子们没有健康营养的饭菜吃, 许多贫穷的甘榜人只吃酱油掺饭,或米粥加上‘江鱼仔’和从斗磨场买回来的咸鱼而已,他们没有钱购买食物。  城市的儿童可以吃得起好吃食物,例如肯德基和汉堡包快餐。  我们的甘榜人需要政府的帮助,为什么国阵政府却无法提供他们更好的生活水平呢? 叶博士敦促政府必须研讨和解决内陆甘榜人的困境和提高他们的生活水平。

沙行动党敦促根地咬国会议员和冰谷州议员,亲自前往探访内陆地区以了解村民的问题和需要,并且尽快实行政府须所宣布拨款马币一百亿于基本设施发展的工程项目,不要再拖延了。 内陆甘榜的村民有权利享受更好的基本设施的建设,以及更好的生活环境。



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