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Where are the development that BN has promised for the interior ? June 13, 2011

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Despite of the fact that the BN Government has promised to improve the rural road infrastructures in the interior with a huge amount of allocation in the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) but the situations in the interior of Sabah have turned to worse.

Sabah DAP interior Mobile service had received numerous public complaints from the local residents living at the various villages situated along Jalan Kampung Kuangoh near Bingkor in Keningau District concerning the deplorable bad road conditions there.

Dr Benjamin Yapp, Sabah DAP Parliamentary Liaison Chief for Keningau and Tenom returned to inspect the bad road conditions that he had brought the people’s complaints to the local authority concerned but after several months nothing had been done to repair and upgrade the rural road there.  After having made an inspection on April 5, 2011, he found that Jalan Kampung Kuangoh was worse than the time when he inspected the same location since August 2010.

Despite of the promises made by the Government to repair and upgrade the rural road there until todate, nothing had been done and the situations became worse now with many areas along this Jalan Kampung Kuangoh were filled with potholes, water blogged areas and muddy, making it difficult for many villagers and poor school children walking to the rural school and the neighboring villages. Working people had been putting up in such a bad condition with their cars being subject to frequent mechanical problems and dirty and muddy conditions.

Sabah DAP urged the Sabah Rural Development Minister Tan Sri Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan and the Works Minister Datuk Raymond Tan to personally look into the bad rural road infrastructure conditions facing the rural communities and hoped that Jalan Kuangoh which is  just about twenty minutes drive from Keningau township would be given a priority soon as the problems had faced the local communities for several decades.

By Sabah DAP interior

The attachment of photos are evidence of the real situations on the deplorable road conditions along Jalan Kampung Kuangoh in Keningau.


沙巴民主行动党内部区流动服务队接到许多来自冰谷(Bingkor)附近的甘榜关果路(Jalan Kg. Kuangoh)居民的投诉,他们说通往其他村庄的马路情况非常恶劣。

沙巴民主行动党国会内陆选区负责人本杰明亚叶博士前往该处进行视察后,就立即把该处居民的投诉提呈给有关当局和县议会,要求他们维修该段马路。  但是数月后该段马路仍然处在相同的状况,有关当局根本没有进行任何维修或改善马路的工作。 叶博士之后于4月5日在次前往检查,发现该甘榜路比上次(2010年8月)更加糟糕,更加破烂。

尽管政府向人民做出许多承诺要维修和提升乡村的马路,但是直到今天乡村的马路一点也没有改善,政府根本什么也没有做,也不关心人民的需要。 现在的马路情况比以前变的更加糟糕,沿着甘榜关果路前往附近甘榜的马路到处都充满坑洞,水洼以及泥泞,导致许多村民和贫困的学童在步行到其他甘榜或学校时,都面对许多不便。该处的居民被迫面对如此糟糕的情况,尤其是他们小型的汽车频频在充满泥泞和坑洼的恶劣条件下的行驶,加重了他们的开销以维修车辆,导致他们的生活更加的艰苦。

沙行动党敦促沙巴乡村发展部长丹斯里拿督拜林吉丁岸和工程部长拿督陈树杰亲自前往内陆区,看看乡村的马路基本设施和该区所面对的恶劣状况,并希望当局能够尽快维修和改善该些马路。 该距离根地咬镇大约有二十分钟的车程的关果路,在这几十年来政府都无法把该段马路修好。





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