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Maximus Ongkili self expose incapability June 13, 2011

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The Federal Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation cum the MP for Marudu Datuk Dr. Maximus Ongkili challenges the opposition to build not only one house for the hardcore poor but instead should build for all the 1,400 hardcore poor in Kota Murudu district and the 600 hardcore poor in Matumggon.

The minister is not only ignorance but unknowingly he had exposed himself for totally not doing any good for his constituency. T

his situation reflected and very obvious that the minister had not been taking care of the people there for that many years as the

elected people representative (YB) and a full minister. He now even dare to say that there is still as many as two thousand or more hardcore poor existed in his constituency.

KK MP Hiew is very surprise to learn that there are so many hardcore poor in the Marudu Parliament Constituency under Maximus, and he can still remember if not wrong that the government did announce there will be “zero poverty” in Sabah by the year 2000 or latest by 2010. We cannot understand why there is still such a huge number of our fellow country men still live in hardcore poverty, and the minister confirmed that number. It is true that the hardcore poverty did existed in huge number inSabah, and the BN government has totally failed to eradicate the poverty.

The small house built by the Pakatan Rakyat-PKR for a poor single mother and her family has indeed arose the attention of

Dr. Maximus and thanks for him to come to the open to tell us about the seriousness of the hardcore poverty in the Marudu area. His suggestion on challenging the Pakatan Rakyat to build some 1,800 houses for the other hardcore poor is really an insult to himself because he continue in his statement to explain that he got only a mere RM500,00 from the Prime Minister which is only enough for the maintenance and repair of the houses for six months. The BN government has a small quota available to build 90 houses for the hardcore poor in Kota Marudu, and the actual need is around 2,000 units. What about those who needed houses in Kinabatangan, Ulu Tuaran, Pinsiangan, and Kota Belud, said Maximus?

Hiew said if the BN government wants the opposition Pakatan Rakyat to build the houses for the hardcore poor then it will be good for the BN to step down immediately and let PR to run the government to solve the hardcore poverty. The promises are hard to believe now and the people are tired of hearing the lies now. The BN said the opposition can not run the country, why can’t BN just step down and let PR do it? The case in Marudu is a shear case that BN has failed the people and the country. We must change the government before it is too late for every one.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: Poor

family house in Kota Marudu

麦西慕(Maximus Ongkili)自打嘴巴
可见的该部长不仅是无知,也不知不觉地暴露了他没有尽责来处理其选区的问题。 该事件中反映出,这位担任议员兼部长多年的麦西慕,很明显的没有帮助到该处人民的需要。 他甚至坦言提到他的选区迄今仍有多达两千多的赤贫家庭需要援助。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲很惊讶地得知,麦西慕在哥打马鲁都的选区仍然有那么多赤贫家庭。 邱氏说,如果没有记错的话,国阵政府曾经宣布沙巴州在2000年或最迟在2010年将达到‘零贫困率’。而我们却不明白还有这么多的同胞仍然生活在贫困的环境之下,这是由部长亲自提及的数字。沙巴人依然面对着贫穷,证明国阵政府完全无法消除赤贫。
民联的公正党为一位贫穷的单身妈妈和她的家人兴建的小房子,确实引起麦西慕的关注,同时也要感谢他向大家公开他的选区内严重的贫困 。他挑战反对党去兴建一千八百间的房屋给赤贫家庭,是自打嘴巴,因为在他的言论中他提到,他只是从首相手中拿到区区的五十万令吉,而这数目只足够维持六个月的房屋保养和维修。 麦西慕继续说,国阵政府有在哥打马鲁都兴建九十间房屋的固打,实际该处需要的是两千个单位。 其他的地区像京那邦达岸,乌鲁斗亚兰,兵湘岸和古打毛律也有同样的处境。

邱氏说,如果国阵政府希望反对党民联为该些赤贫家庭兴建房屋,那么国阵应该立即下台,让民联执政以求解决该些问题。 国阵的承诺已经很难再让人民相信,他们也厌倦这些谎言。国阵说反对党不会管理国家,为什么国阵不下台,让民联实际的做给他们看呢?  哥打马鲁都的事件显示出国阵愧对人民和国家。 我们必须更换政府来改变目前的凄惨情况,否则到最后吃亏受累的就是人民。

图 :哥打马鲁都贫困家庭无法遮风挡雨的房子



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