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Fuel Subsidy June 11, 2011

Posted by wong jimmy in Minyak/Fuel.
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The government should concentrate on abolishing corruption rather than abolish fuel subsidies as the corruption cost the country more in losses.M

Malaysia lost more than RM27 billions every year in corruption which is more than all the yearly subsidies combine.

Top priority is to massively eliminate corruption in particular all form of negotiated contracts.

In order to prevent wastage and unnecessary spending, government administration expenses should be streamlined as to prevent any abuses.

Therefore, the super diesel subsidy that will be abolished on June 1 (But delayed) should be scrapped or Sabah being one of the major oil producers in the country should be exempted to be fair on the 5 percent oil royalty that the state government received.

Sabah should be excluded because we contributed enormously in term of petroleum, gas, natural resources and taxes. It should be fair, we are only getting 5 percent from our oil royalty, and therefore we should be entitled to be subsidized.

Now the government wants to take back this super diesel subsidy too, are we not at the losing end?

We only 5 percent from our oil, our subsidy taken away, what is left for the rakyat, it is not fair.

Look at our road infrastructures in the state. It is still backward, without even one that connects from one district to another.

Therefore, the state government should ask the Federal government for some lee way at least. Or else the impact of transportation charges and prices of good going up will be too much for the majority of the people of Sabah.



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