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Bad electric wiring caused fires June 30, 2011

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Sabah DAP  Kapayan  Branch Chairman Stephen Jacob Jimbangan today commented that many fires that burnt down houses and properties were due to the bad wiring system and misuse of the electric power supply.


The misuse of the electrical wiring system is normally due to the overloading of the circuit by connecting to too many electrical appliances at one place. One single socket outlet is normally allowed with a maximum loading of 13amp, if there is a few electrical appliances are connected to the same single socket outlet, then this is a case of overloading, and will create heating up of the socket and wires. This will cause the plug and the wire to melt and burn to cause fire.


The common sight at home where the miss use of the wall socket outlet is the users always connect up with too many connections, especially the multi-point extension cord is used with the high current ampere electrical appliances like big hair dryers (4.5 amp), water kettles (6.5 amp), fans, oven and micro-wave (7.5 amp) etc.. The multi-point extension cord can not carry such combined heavy loading exceeding 13 amperes. The protective fuse protects only with a safety limit of 13 amperes only, and normally the user will like to change it to 30 amperes or more. This will not blow easily, but instead the wires and the socket will melt or burn. This is really a dangerous and wrong thing to do.



From observ

ation in many houses, especially those in the kampongs where they use without proper approved wiring system and no protection with the use of circuit breakers (MCB), it is very easy to cause fire and total burn out. The wires are connected usually from house to house without proper wiring standard, procedure and many just left hanging and exposed to rain

. A spark of fire from the wire can lead to a big fire, where a whole house or houses can be burnt down to the ground within minutes.


We have actually checked on many fires that were caused by the bad, old, not maintained, substandard wiring, unprotected circuits, and largely misused of the power supply system. Stephen said that it is the properties owner responsibility to ensure that all electrical wiring must be checked and if possible upgraded to avoid short circuit. This is even import

ant in all the industrial buildings and workshops.


Stephen urges that the SESB (Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd.) to conduct regular check on house holds, factories, complexes, and even hotels to advice the power consumers on the need to install proper and safe wiring system, and at the same time to see that regulations are complied with. The will save life and avoid properties lost. The local councils must also help to advice the house owners to do the same.


Stephen is also a qualified Mechanical and Electrical Engineer by profession. Therefore, we can take his words and advice in order to save ourselves a lot of troubles and losses. The photos provided by him served as a valid example and reminder that we should always be careful in adopting the correct and safe way of connecting up our electrical appliances to the power.



Stephen Jacob Jimbangan,SabahDAP Kapayan Branch Chairman.


Pic:  (1) wrong u

se of multiple connection of a single wall socket outlet

(2) correct use of wall socket outlet

(3) heavily loaded power extension cord connection



沙巴民主行动党甘拜园支部主席史提文(Stephen Jimbangan)指出许多火灾所烧毁的房屋和产业大多是由于电线短路,以及错误使用电插头所导致的。



许多住家里随处都可见到墙壁插座的错误使用,他们总是插上多个电器分插头,尤其是使用多数位插座用于多个高安培的电器,例如吹风筒(4.5安培),电水褒(6.5安培),电风扇,烤箱和微波炉(7.5安培)等。 该多数位插座实际上是不能负荷超出13安培以上的电流。 其保险丝只能够负荷限制于13安培以下的电流,而用户往往为了方便,会换上30安培或以上的保险丝。 超荷将造成电线和插座熔化或燃烧而引起火灾。 这是项极危险和错误的使用法。


许多房屋,尤其是甘榜木屋,大都没有符合规格的电路系统,也没有紧急电路切断系统(MCB),因此发生电源短路时,将很容易引起走火。 有些甘榜屋随意衔接电线也没有依照规格的安装,此外还有许多电线暴露在雨水中。 电线走火的火花可导致一场大火的发生,能将整栋和周边的房子在几分钟内夷为平地。



史提文敦促沙巴电力局必须进行检查房屋,工厂,大厦,甚至酒店是否有安装适当和安全的电源系统,并给于用户适当的指导。 该行动将会减少火灾的发生及生命财产的损失。 地方县议会也必须进行检查及帮助屋主在这方面的问题。


史提文也是位合格的机电专业工程师。 因此,我们可以采取他的忠告和建议,为自己减少麻烦和损失。 他提供的照片应当成一个有效的例子,以提醒我们在衔接电器的正确和安全的方法。







Musa Aman to explain on excessive timber logs export June 30, 2011

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The excessive and continuous export of timber logs fromSabahduring the past decades has effectively exhausted the supply of timber logs for the local timber down stream industries like sawmills and furniture factories.

Kota Kinabalu Member of Parliament Hiew King Cheu received many complaints from the timber industries sectors expressing their deep concern on not being able to get the needed timber logs to continue with their production and keep the factories and mills going. They said due to the decreasing availability of the timber logs locally, many mills and factories were forced to close down and many workers lost their jobs. There is no future in the timber industries inSabahif the situation is not given immediate attention and stern action and arrangement by the Sabah Government to counter the problems.

The timber industries were once the major source of big income in Sabah, and a main contributor to theSabaheconomy growth. That is the reason whySabahwas once booming with activities and very rich. It is sad to see that the present stage of economy is falling fast an


d we had become the poorest state inMalaysia. Many people who invested in the timber industries have suffered heavily. They are not happy and are blaming the government not doing anything to protect the well being of the timber industries.

Hiew said this unfortunate situation is entirely the responsibility of theSabahStategovernment. The suffering of the sawmills and timber down stream industries did not just happened now, but in fact it started a few decades ago, and during that time there were still plenty of timber logs available from the forest. Our forest management policies have totally failed and the millions ringgits of the state money invested on reforestation until today seems

not fruitful.

Today we can still see thousand of timbers logs being stocked up ready for expert through the many ports inSabah. Why these timber logs are not being reserved for the local timber industries, and just simply being exported away?


The state government in the past aimed to encourage the setting up of the local timber down stream industries, but why the government is not protecting and reserving the raw material for the industries? If there is no guarantee on the supply of raw material

, who want to set up the timber industries? Today, there are many down stream industries had been set up in the state, but with no timber logs supply can they sustain and survive? Many timber industries factories and mills have closed down or running into big losses. This is all because of the fault of the state government to allow on excessive export of the timber logs.

Hiew asked theSabahgovernment especially the Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman on what are the state policies on the timber industries now? Are the industries going to face dooms-day or factories to be closed down because of no timber logs supply? Musa Aman is the right person to explain and to give a clear answer to the people who are suffering due to the government is not protecting and safe guarding the interest of the local timber industries. They have invested millions of ringgits, and now seems going to a total lost.

Hiew said the st

ate government should stop all timber logs export from our forest. All export licenses have to be revoked and cancelled. It is better to stop the export now to save our timber industries then to gain some quick money from exporting the timber logs. By exporting the timber logs, it is only a few people benefited, but the timber industries are the live-lines of many thousand of people. These industries definitely will also earn big income and revenue forSabah. There is value added, when the timber being down streamed and as a finished product. I don’t understand where if the logic that the state government can’t visualize this important aspect of economic. This is something of urgency and the government m

ust act immediately before it is too late.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: closed down empty sawmills without logs supply

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲接到许多经营木业者的投诉,他们告诉邱氏说,他们感到非常忧虑,因为未能获得所需的木桐,以继续他们的木制产品的生产。 他



木业曾经是沙巴州其中主要的收入来源之一,有助以促进沙巴州的经济增长,沙巴州的木业曾经是一度非常活跃行业。 很可惜的是如今沙巴经济迅速下降,并且已成为马来西亚最贫困的州属。 凡是投资在木业的人士都面对严重的亏损,使到他们非常不满,并指责政府没有保护沙巴州的木材工业。


,木业的不幸完全是沙巴国阵政府所造成的。该些板厂和木制加工厂的问题并不是现在才发生,实际上几十年前他们就面对诸多问题。  当时沙州森林有充足的木桐供应,可悲的是政府的森林管理政策完全失败。政府所投资的重植林计划,直到今天似乎看不到成效,木业界仍然面对严重缺乏木桐供应的问题。




励本地商人投资于木业的加工和生产,但为什么今天政府没有保留木业者所需的原料?如果没有原料供应和保证,有谁愿意投资和经营木业?今天沙州已开设了许多木板加工厂,却没有木桐的供应,他们还能够维持下去吗? 许多板厂和加工厂面对倒闭或严重亏损,这都是因为州政府没有能力照顾本地木业者的需要,反而让过量的木桐运出口。

邱氏要问沙巴州政府,尤其是首席部长拿督慕沙阿曼有关政府对挽救木业方面将采取什么策略? 沙州的木业是否因为没有木桐的供应,将要注定面对关闭收盘的局面?慕沙阿曼是最适合的人来解释该事项,并向木业界的投资者有个明确的交代。木业投资者所投资的金钱数额而现在已面对巨大的损失。


府应立即停止木桐的出口。所有出口牌照必须被撤销。 更好停止出口木桐以拯救沙州的木材工业发展。 政府必须要知道只有少数

人受益于出口木桐,反而在本地有成千上万的人是靠木材工业讨生计。 此外木业发展一定能够为沙州带来很大的收益。  保留木桐并提供给本地木制加工厂并制作成品售卖,必能够提升经济增长率。 邱氏不明白国阵政府为何没有依据该方面的逻辑来考量,促使行业能够促进沙州经济的增长。  这是件紧迫的事,国阵政府必须立即采取有效行动禁止木桐的出口。



Musa Aman perlu menjelaskan tentang lebihan ekspot kayu balak.

Ekspot kayu balak dari Sabah yang berlebihan dan berterusan pada dekad yang lalu telah

menghabiskan bekalan kayu balak untuk industri kayu tempatan seperti kilang papan dan kilang perabot.

Ahli Parlimen Kota Kinabalu , Dr. Hiew King Cheu menerima banyak aduan daripada sektor industri kayu yang menyatakan kebimbangan mereka yang mendalam kerana tidak mendapat bekalan kayu balak yang diperlukan untuk meneruskan pengeluaran. Akibatnya, banyak kilang memproses kayu terpaksa gulung tikar dan ramai pekerja kehilangan pekerjaan. Tiada masa depan dalam industri kayu diSabah jika keadaan ini tidak diberi perhatian segera dan tindakan susulan oleh Kerajaan.

Industri kayu pada suatu masa dahulu adalah sumber pendapatan terbesarSabahdan merupakan penyumbang utama kepada pertumbuhan ekonomi negeri ini. Itulah sebabnya mengapa kita pernah menjadi negeri terkaya yang pesat dengan aktiviti pemba

ngunan. Sangat menyedihkan apabila kita melihat peringkat ekonomi sekarang jatuh dengan cepat dan kini kita telah menjadi negeri termiskin diMalaysia. Ramai pelabur dalam industri ini telah mengalami kerugian yang banyak. Mereka tidak berpuas hati dan menyalahkan kerajaan kerana tidak mengambil apa-apa tindakan untuk melindungi industri kayu.
Hiew berkata, keadaanmalang ini menjadi tanggungjawab sepenuhnya kerajaan Negeri Sabah. Penderitaan industri pemprosessan kayu bukan baru sekarang berlaku, tetapi ia telahpun bermula sejak beberapa dekad yang lalu dimana pada masa itu masih terdapat banyak kayu balak yang boleh diperolehi dari hutan. Dasar-dasar perhutanan kita telah gagal sama sekali dan berjuta-juta wang ringgit yang dilaburkan oleh kerajaan untuk penghutanan semula nampaknya tidak mendatangkan sebarang hasil sehingga ke hari ini.

Hari ini pun kita boleh nampak ribuan kayu balak memenuhi pelabuhanSabah, sedia untuk diekspot keluar. Mengapa pula kayu balak ini diekspot dan tidak digunakan dalam industri kayu tempatan?

Kerajaan negeri sebelum ini menggalakkan penubuhan industri kayu tempatan tetapi mengapa kerajaan sendiri tidak melindungi dan menyediakan bahan mentah untuk industri? Jika tiada jaminan bekalan bahan mentah, siapa yang mahu menubuhkan industri kayu? Hari ini, terdapat banyak industri berasaskan kayu telah ditubuhkan di negeri ini, tetapi tanpa bekalan kayu balak bolehkan mereka bertahan dan mengekalkan operasi mereka ? Banyak kilang industri kayu yang telah ditutup atau sedang mengalami kerugian besar. Ini semua kerana kesilapan kerajaan negeri yang membenarkan ekspot kayu balak yang berlebihan.

Hiew meminta kerajaanSabahterutama Ketua Menteri Datuk Musa Aman untuk menjelaskan apakah dasar negara pada industri kayu sekarang ini? Adakah industri ini akan menghadapi kepupusan ataupun semua kilang kayu akan ditutup kerana tiada bekalan kayu balak? Musa Aman adalah orang yang tepat untuk menjelaskan dan menjawab pertanyaan rakyat yang menderita akibat tindakan kerajaan yang tidak melindungi dan menjaga kepentingan industri kayu tempatan. Mereka telah melabur berjuta-juta ringgit, dan kini tidak mendatangkan sebarang hasil.

Hiew berkata kerajaan negeri harus menghentikan semua eksport kayu balak dari hutan kita. Lesen-lesen ekspot yang ada sekarang harus dibatalkan atau ditarik balik. Lebih baik menghentikan kegiatan pengekspotan kayu balak ini sekarang bagi menyelamatkan industri kayu kita daripada gelojoh untuk mendapatkan wang segera hasil daripada pengeksportan kayu balak. Kegiatan ini hanya menguntungkan beberapa pihak tertentu sahaja tetapi industri kayu tempatan adalah periuk nasi bagi beribu-ribu orang. Industri-industri ini pasti juga akan menyumbang pendapatan yang besar untukSabah. Nilai-nilai ini pastinya akan bertambah apabila kayu balak tersebut telah diproses menjadi produk akhir. Saya tidak faham mengapa kerajaan negeri tidak boleh memikirkan secara logik serta  menggambarkan kepentingan aspek ini dalam ekonomi. Ini adalah sesuatu hal yang sangat penting dan kerajaan perlu bertindak segera sebelum terlambat.

Hiew King Cheu, MP KK
Gambar : Kilang papan kosong yang ditutup kerana ketiadaan bekalan kayu balak

DAP urged Tourism Board to development the Ganna cultural heritage / 沙行动党敦促旅游发展局发展甘那土著文化(Ganna Cultural Heritage) June 22, 2011

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Dr Benjamin Yapp, Sabah DAP Parliamentary Liaison Chief for Keningau & Tenom, together with his Deputy Liaison Chief, Mr Phillip Voon organizing a Community program related to Ganna Cultural musical performance at Kampung Sandapak, Bingkor, Keningau for the benefits of the local youths and community.

The primary aims were to encourage local youths towards participation in fine arts relating to the Ganna Native Arts and Culture and offering them an opportunity to improve their knowledge, skills and talents in the Arts and culture of the Ganna Native of Sabah.   This way, we could also to complement with the Government towards the alleviation of social problems facing the rural youths.   Dr Benjamin who is also a Diplomat member of the World Affairs Council (WAC) is committed in his endeavors to offer voluntary community services to assist the Ganna Cultural Association Sabah in order to preserve the rich aboriginal cultural heritage of the Ganna tribes.    In fact the BN Government has been neglected the Sabah Cultural and the rich and beautiful Sabah aboriginal cultural heritage is in the danger of extinction.
Sabah DAP urged the Tourism Board of Malaysia to contribute towards the development of the Ganna cultural heritage in Sabah.  Dr. Benjamin stated that the Ganna cultural heritage is one of the richest native heritages in Borneo.   He would seek the assistance of the World Affairs Council towards obtaining world heritage recognition from UNESCO at the appropriate time.  With the colorful traditional culture and the performing arts in relation to the “Tagungak”, a traditional bamboo and “gongs” orchestra as well as the wealth of native artifacts. Ganna native folklores and the “Bahasa Ganna” (Ganna language) that needed to be preserved before the culture was totally illuminated, it is hoped that NGOs and institutions would come to their aid in order to preserve the rich aboriginal cultural heritage of Borneo.   The BN never try to help to keep the rich beautiful cultural in Sabah, better just forget BN and let Pakatan Rakyat help the native of Sabah to keep their aboriginal cultural heritage.
By Dr Benjamin Yapp
沙行动党敦促旅游发展局发展甘那土著文化(Ganna Cultural Heritage)
沙巴民主行动党内陆选区负责人本杰明叶博士,与助手菲利普温(Phillip Voon)计划在甘榜山达巴(Kg. Sandapak),冰谷(Bingkor)和根地咬为当地青年和社区举办甘那文化(Ganna Cultural)的音乐演奏活动。
主要目的是鼓励在年轻一代的甘那族发展和推广其族的艺术文化,并提供他们机会更加认识自身的艺术文化和母语,同时也延续其文化遗产。 以期同时也可以藉此活动让青年人远离犯罪和减低社会问题。 本杰明博士是WAC(World Affairs Council)的会员,他说他会尽所能的协助沙巴甘那文化社以保存和传承该丰富的甘那部落文化。  很可悲的是国阵政府并没有给于任何的关注和援助保存沙土著的文化,而这富有色彩的土著文化也将逐渐的没落和消失。
沙巴民主行动党敦促马来西亚旅游局应该要发展沙巴甘那文化遗产。 本杰明博士说,甘那文化是婆罗洲其中最富有本地文化的遗产之一。  他说他将会向要求WAC援助把甘那文化纳入世界文化遗产之一。   甘那文化拥有非常丰富多彩的传统文化,其中‘Tagungak’则是传统的竹器,是乐队中的锣鼓文物。  我们要保留甘那族的民间传说和甘那语,以及其丰富表演艺术,因此希望能够获得非政府组织和机构的援助,以维护着丰富多彩的婆罗洲原住民的文化遗产。 但是国阵不曾真正协助沙巴土著保留他们美丽的文化,因此应该遗弃国阵,让关心人民的民联来执政并协助沙土著发展其丰富多彩的土著文化。

Registering foreigners to be Malaysian? / 外来人登记成为公民? June 22, 2011

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Sabah DAP Kudat chief Alex Wong today went pass the Sikuati town near Kudat saw a registration boot where many people were queuing up for an registration exercise.
Out of curiosity, he approached the people who gathered at the community hall in Sikuati to find what is happening. He was told by the people in the market that there is a registration for the MYcard application. He saw quite a number of people waiting and these people seem to be not our local folks and some are elderly. He then spoke to some of them and confirmed through the conversation that they are not even the locals from Kudat district.
The Native chief present there refused to comment when asked how can these people suspected to be foreigners can registered to apply for our MYcard, and he declined to comment and just sat down with these groups of alleged foreigners.
The registration exercise was started on the 13th to the 17th of June. There had been many such people who had come for the registration. According to the people interviewed by Alex Wong, the registration was supposed to be meant for the late registration for the local new born, but how come these older people were queuing up to register. Many of them had the letter of consent from the DO, Ketua Kampong, and Native Chief, before they can register.
Alex said this is extraordinary to see that the registration exercise is done in such a manner, and it is improper. He wants the JPN and JKM to explain why this is happening. Alex said he was told that this type of registration is not only happening in Sikuati, but this had been carried out in many other places in Sabah eg. In Petagas, Telipok, Pulau Banggi, and even in Penampang.
If we are registering the foreigners to give them MYcard, this is dead wrong and this is an act of treason. We can not allow this to happen under our nose, and that is why our population had jumped 390% during the past. Who is behind all these, and who should be held responsible? Are we the local Sabah Bumiputra going to be the minority when compared with the “new Bumiputra”? Some thing has to be done to stop this, otherwise our children and grand children will definitely suffer. I see no use to ask the BN government to investigate into this matter, and the only way to stop this is to change the government and let Pakatan Rakyat to replace them.
Alex Wong, Sabah DAP Kudat Chief.
Pic: Alex talking to the people waiting to be registered.

如果我们登记外来人并分发给他们MyCard,这是大错特错,并且也是一种叛国的行为。我们不能让这种事情发生,而且这已造成沙巴人口爆增390%的主因。 到底是谁应该负责?  与‘新土著’相比,道地的沙巴土著将成为少数民族。 必须要停止这一切,否则我们的后代肯定会受到影响。 要国阵政府调查此事只是浪费时间,唯有换上民联才能阻止这项非法的行径。


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Sabah DAP Parliamentary Liaison Chief for Keningau & Tenom, Dr Benjamin Yapp conducted a random survey    of the rural road conditions in Bingkor sub-district of Keningau and discovered that several rural road conditions in Keningau had deteriorated from bad to worse with out  any sign of road repairs and maintenance works that were supposed to be carried out by the PWD.  There are few bad condition roads  along Jalan Mengitom, Jalan Kampung Bunga Raya leading to a rural primary school, SK Bunga Raya in the Bingkor sub-district. There were regular traffic flow from the various kampongs and plantations to Pekan Bingkor and Keningau township but the bad road conditions had made it difficult for regular commuters and school children to travel along the earth road that was often dusty during dry weather and muddy with badly damaged road, full of potholes and water blogged holes. Many parts of the rural roads were only accessible by the four-wheel drive vehicles while cars often had heavy maintenance and repairs due to the bad rural road conditions. The villagers lamented that despite of the promises made by the Government in the previous State Elections but until now no improvement had been made to upgrade the rural roads that had deprived many rural people to improve in their socio-economic development for many years.

It was shocking to discover that the basic rural road infrastructures had been long neglected despite of the allocation of Billions of Ringgit for t

he 9MP meant for rural infrastructure development but the interior had been neglected for a long time and recently the RM10 Billion for rural development projects under the Tenth Malaysia Plan (10MP) was announced.

Sabah Dap interior mobile volunteers services led by Dr Benjamin Yapp, who is also a member of the World Affairs Council (WAC), having concerns on human rights, poverty alleviation, social problems and related development of the rural communities stressed that as true leader

s and politicians,  it was of paramount importance to contribute towards the socio-economic development of the people, particularly in the interior where majority of the rural communities were still living in backward conditions, and poverty was rampant in the rural areas.

Sabah DAP interior mobile services volunteers had been moving around the rural areas in the interior to monitor the progress and improvements made on rural infrastructure development from time to time. The rural communities had made numerous complaints to Sabah DAP concerning the lack of proper basic infrastructures, rural roads, bridges, amenities, utilities, poverty and social problems faced by the people in the rural areas. The rural folks were in a dilemma for long and their problems were made worse with the recent fuel price hike, coupled with increased prices of essential commodities. A survey was conducted by Sabah DAP interior mobile service team in the vari

ous rural areas and they found that the situations of the hard core poor families were very regretful. The poor children were deprived of healthy nutrition and decent meals. It was found that a number of poor children living in the rural areas feed on rice with soya sauce and porridge with cheap “ikan bilis” or, salted fish bought from the temu ground  without money to buy food and ration from the local market. In contrast to the urban children, they could well afford to eat good food, and many parents could even afford to treat their children for western fast food like the KFC and Burger King. What had gone wrong with our rural society? Why were the rural people being deprived of a better standard of living? The Government was urged to look into the plights of the rural people, particularly to improve their standard of living.

Sabah DAP urged the Member of Parliament for Keningau and the State Assemblyman of Bingkor personaly ‘turun padang’ and to look into the pr

evailing problems of the rural people and to speed up with the rural infrastructure development as the Government has declared the RM10 Billion development fund that is now available. The people of the rural areas of the interior deserved to enjoy better rural infrastructure development and a better standard of living.



民主行动党议会内陆选区根地咬及丹南负责人本杰明叶博士前往根地咬冰谷观察甘榜马路问题,他发现根地咬内陆甘榜区的公共道路,由于有关当局没有进行保养和维修,该些马路状况更日益糟糕。 其中的有蒙吉同路(Jln Mengitom),以及通往冰谷乡村小学的大红花路(Jln Kampung Bunga Raya)。  每天有许多车量进出冰谷和根地咬镇,但是因为马路恶劣的状况,导致马路使用者和学童上学时许多的不便以及危险,该段马路在干燥的天气时灰尘飞扬,到了下雨时路面到处都是泥泞和被水淹没的坑洞,他们必须要小心驾驶以免发生意外。 有许多内陆甘榜的马路只可使用四轮驱动车辆行驶,而这些车辆往往必须面对昂贵的维修和保养费。  村民对政府感到非常不满,在过去国州选举里,国阵承诺要提升和维修马路,但到现在为止也没有任何

善,所作出的承诺也没有实行。  这不单剥夺内陆甘榜人的权益,也阻碍了改善内陆区的社会经济和发展。

令人感到愤怒的是,国阵政府长期以来都忽略着内陆农村的道路基本设施,尽管政府在第九大马计划已经拨出数亿令吉来发展该设施。 但是第九大马计划还没有进行,政府又在第十大马计划宣布拨出马币一百亿于农村发展项目。 政府到底有否真正关注内陆区的问题?
本杰明叶博士是沙行动党内陆区流动服务队负责人,同时也是世界事务理事会(WAC)的会员,尤其是关注人权,消除贫困,社会和农村社区发展问题的他强调说,真正的领袖和政治家,应该是关注人民社会和经济的发展,尤其是内陆的农村社区。 但是迄今大多数的内陆甘榜的生活仍然落后和贫困。

沙行动党内陆区流动服务队将会常常走访内陆甘榜地区,以视察政府所施行的农村基本设施建设的工程进度。 内陆甘榜已多次向沙行动党投诉有关该处缺乏完善的基本设施,马路,桥梁,公共设施等问题,此外他们还面对贫困,失业和社会的问题。  内陆甘榜人的生活非常艰苦,最近再加上燃油价格和基本商品价格不断的上涨,导致他们的生活更加的辛苦。沙行动党内陆流动服务队调查发现,许多内陆甘榜,尤其是偏远的甘榜有许多贫困的家庭。 这些可怜的孩子们没有健康营养的饭菜吃, 许多贫穷的甘榜人只吃酱油掺饭,或米粥加上‘江鱼仔’和从斗磨场买回来的咸鱼而已,他们没有钱购买食物。  城市的儿童可以吃得起好吃食物,例如肯德基和汉堡包快餐。  我们的甘榜人需要政府的帮助,为什么国阵政府却无法提供他们更好的生活水平呢? 叶博士敦促政府必须研讨和解决内陆甘榜人的困境和提高他们的生活水平。

沙行动党敦促根地咬国会议员和冰谷州议员,亲自前往探访内陆地区以了解村民的问题和需要,并且尽快实行政府须所宣布拨款马币一百亿于基本设施发展的工程项目,不要再拖延了。 内陆甘榜的村民有权利享受更好的基本设施的建设,以及更好的生活环境。

Invitation to SAPP for seats negotiation June 13, 2011

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Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has been invited to join the Sabah’s Pakatan Rakyat (PR) so the party could send representatives for the Sabah PR’s constituency and parliamentary seats allocation negotiation meeting.

In a join statement that was read out by chairperson, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice president and also member of parliament for Kuantan Fuziah Salleh, she said PR urged SAPP to give feedback before June 26, 2011 when the seats negotiation between Democratic Action Party (DAP), PKR and PAS.

“We proposed SAPP gives us feedback so SAPP can send three representatives for the seats negotiation meeting. The meeting will be represented by three representatives form each parties and will take two months. It is expected to end on National Day,” said Fuziah represented PKR’s Sabah chief Datuk Seri Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail yesterday for PR Sabah first secretariat meeting.

She said the allocation of seats will be based on fairness to achieve consensus between the PR parties.

On the secretariat meeting yesterday, she said they will meet every month and each party will take turn to chair the meeting.

“The chairperson will become the secretariat during the meeting and we believe this will make PR Sabah stronger,” she said.

Meanwhile, she said the first PR convention will be held in  Kota Kinabalu on July 24 and the venue will be announce later.

“It will discuss on PR’s 100 days offer for Sabah if PR becomes government. The promised 20-points and ‘Buku Jingga’ offer. We are stressing PR’s readiness to face the 13th General Election,” she said.

She said PR is committed to topple the Barisan National (BN) government and is willing to cooperate with local parties in Sabah with the same intention that is to topple the BN.

“So we are offering SAPP to be together with PR and if any other parties has the same intention we invite them. This is an official invitation to SAPP to join PR because we believe our common enemy is BN,” she said.

The first secretariat meeting yesterday was attended by Sabah DAP chief Jimmy Wong, PAS Sabah commissioner Hj Mohammad Abdullah and Fuziah representing PKR Sabah.



Fuziah (seated second right), Jimmy (seated left), Hj Mohammad (seated right) with party members from DAP, PAS and PKR after the meeting yesterday.

Where are the development that BN has promised for the interior ? June 13, 2011

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Despite of the fact that the BN Government has promised to improve the rural road infrastructures in the interior with a huge amount of allocation in the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) but the situations in the interior of Sabah have turned to worse.

Sabah DAP interior Mobile service had received numerous public complaints from the local residents living at the various villages situated along Jalan Kampung Kuangoh near Bingkor in Keningau District concerning the deplorable bad road conditions there.

Dr Benjamin Yapp, Sabah DAP Parliamentary Liaison Chief for Keningau and Tenom returned to inspect the bad road conditions that he had brought the people’s complaints to the local authority concerned but after several months nothing had been done to repair and upgrade the rural road there.  After having made an inspection on April 5, 2011, he found that Jalan Kampung Kuangoh was worse than the time when he inspected the same location since August 2010.

Despite of the promises made by the Government to repair and upgrade the rural road there until todate, nothing had been done and the situations became worse now with many areas along this Jalan Kampung Kuangoh were filled with potholes, water blogged areas and muddy, making it difficult for many villagers and poor school children walking to the rural school and the neighboring villages. Working people had been putting up in such a bad condition with their cars being subject to frequent mechanical problems and dirty and muddy conditions.

Sabah DAP urged the Sabah Rural Development Minister Tan Sri Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan and the Works Minister Datuk Raymond Tan to personally look into the bad rural road infrastructure conditions facing the rural communities and hoped that Jalan Kuangoh which is  just about twenty minutes drive from Keningau township would be given a priority soon as the problems had faced the local communities for several decades.

By Sabah DAP interior

The attachment of photos are evidence of the real situations on the deplorable road conditions along Jalan Kampung Kuangoh in Keningau.


沙巴民主行动党内部区流动服务队接到许多来自冰谷(Bingkor)附近的甘榜关果路(Jalan Kg. Kuangoh)居民的投诉,他们说通往其他村庄的马路情况非常恶劣。

沙巴民主行动党国会内陆选区负责人本杰明亚叶博士前往该处进行视察后,就立即把该处居民的投诉提呈给有关当局和县议会,要求他们维修该段马路。  但是数月后该段马路仍然处在相同的状况,有关当局根本没有进行任何维修或改善马路的工作。 叶博士之后于4月5日在次前往检查,发现该甘榜路比上次(2010年8月)更加糟糕,更加破烂。

尽管政府向人民做出许多承诺要维修和提升乡村的马路,但是直到今天乡村的马路一点也没有改善,政府根本什么也没有做,也不关心人民的需要。 现在的马路情况比以前变的更加糟糕,沿着甘榜关果路前往附近甘榜的马路到处都充满坑洞,水洼以及泥泞,导致许多村民和贫困的学童在步行到其他甘榜或学校时,都面对许多不便。该处的居民被迫面对如此糟糕的情况,尤其是他们小型的汽车频频在充满泥泞和坑洼的恶劣条件下的行驶,加重了他们的开销以维修车辆,导致他们的生活更加的艰苦。

沙行动党敦促沙巴乡村发展部长丹斯里拿督拜林吉丁岸和工程部长拿督陈树杰亲自前往内陆区,看看乡村的马路基本设施和该区所面对的恶劣状况,并希望当局能够尽快维修和改善该些马路。 该距离根地咬镇大约有二十分钟的车程的关果路,在这几十年来政府都无法把该段马路修好。



Maximus Ongkili self expose incapability June 13, 2011

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The Federal Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation cum the MP for Marudu Datuk Dr. Maximus Ongkili challenges the opposition to build not only one house for the hardcore poor but instead should build for all the 1,400 hardcore poor in Kota Murudu district and the 600 hardcore poor in Matumggon.

The minister is not only ignorance but unknowingly he had exposed himself for totally not doing any good for his constituency. T

his situation reflected and very obvious that the minister had not been taking care of the people there for that many years as the

elected people representative (YB) and a full minister. He now even dare to say that there is still as many as two thousand or more hardcore poor existed in his constituency.

KK MP Hiew is very surprise to learn that there are so many hardcore poor in the Marudu Parliament Constituency under Maximus, and he can still remember if not wrong that the government did announce there will be “zero poverty” in Sabah by the year 2000 or latest by 2010. We cannot understand why there is still such a huge number of our fellow country men still live in hardcore poverty, and the minister confirmed that number. It is true that the hardcore poverty did existed in huge number inSabah, and the BN government has totally failed to eradicate the poverty.

The small house built by the Pakatan Rakyat-PKR for a poor single mother and her family has indeed arose the attention of

Dr. Maximus and thanks for him to come to the open to tell us about the seriousness of the hardcore poverty in the Marudu area. His suggestion on challenging the Pakatan Rakyat to build some 1,800 houses for the other hardcore poor is really an insult to himself because he continue in his statement to explain that he got only a mere RM500,00 from the Prime Minister which is only enough for the maintenance and repair of the houses for six months. The BN government has a small quota available to build 90 houses for the hardcore poor in Kota Marudu, and the actual need is around 2,000 units. What about those who needed houses in Kinabatangan, Ulu Tuaran, Pinsiangan, and Kota Belud, said Maximus?

Hiew said if the BN government wants the opposition Pakatan Rakyat to build the houses for the hardcore poor then it will be good for the BN to step down immediately and let PR to run the government to solve the hardcore poverty. The promises are hard to believe now and the people are tired of hearing the lies now. The BN said the opposition can not run the country, why can’t BN just step down and let PR do it? The case in Marudu is a shear case that BN has failed the people and the country. We must change the government before it is too late for every one.

Hiew King Cheu, KK MP

Pic: Poor

family house in Kota Marudu

麦西慕(Maximus Ongkili)自打嘴巴
可见的该部长不仅是无知,也不知不觉地暴露了他没有尽责来处理其选区的问题。 该事件中反映出,这位担任议员兼部长多年的麦西慕,很明显的没有帮助到该处人民的需要。 他甚至坦言提到他的选区迄今仍有多达两千多的赤贫家庭需要援助。

亚庇国会议员邱庆洲很惊讶地得知,麦西慕在哥打马鲁都的选区仍然有那么多赤贫家庭。 邱氏说,如果没有记错的话,国阵政府曾经宣布沙巴州在2000年或最迟在2010年将达到‘零贫困率’。而我们却不明白还有这么多的同胞仍然生活在贫困的环境之下,这是由部长亲自提及的数字。沙巴人依然面对着贫穷,证明国阵政府完全无法消除赤贫。
民联的公正党为一位贫穷的单身妈妈和她的家人兴建的小房子,确实引起麦西慕的关注,同时也要感谢他向大家公开他的选区内严重的贫困 。他挑战反对党去兴建一千八百间的房屋给赤贫家庭,是自打嘴巴,因为在他的言论中他提到,他只是从首相手中拿到区区的五十万令吉,而这数目只足够维持六个月的房屋保养和维修。 麦西慕继续说,国阵政府有在哥打马鲁都兴建九十间房屋的固打,实际该处需要的是两千个单位。 其他的地区像京那邦达岸,乌鲁斗亚兰,兵湘岸和古打毛律也有同样的处境。

邱氏说,如果国阵政府希望反对党民联为该些赤贫家庭兴建房屋,那么国阵应该立即下台,让民联执政以求解决该些问题。 国阵的承诺已经很难再让人民相信,他们也厌倦这些谎言。国阵说反对党不会管理国家,为什么国阵不下台,让民联实际的做给他们看呢?  哥打马鲁都的事件显示出国阵愧对人民和国家。 我们必须更换政府来改变目前的凄惨情况,否则到最后吃亏受累的就是人民。

图 :哥打马鲁都贫困家庭无法遮风挡雨的房子

Fuel Subsidy June 11, 2011

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The government should concentrate on abolishing corruption rather than abolish fuel subsidies as the corruption cost the country more in losses.M

Malaysia lost more than RM27 billions every year in corruption which is more than all the yearly subsidies combine.

Top priority is to massively eliminate corruption in particular all form of negotiated contracts.

In order to prevent wastage and unnecessary spending, government administration expenses should be streamlined as to prevent any abuses.

Therefore, the super diesel subsidy that will be abolished on June 1 (But delayed) should be scrapped or Sabah being one of the major oil producers in the country should be exempted to be fair on the 5 percent oil royalty that the state government received.

Sabah should be excluded because we contributed enormously in term of petroleum, gas, natural resources and taxes. It should be fair, we are only getting 5 percent from our oil royalty, and therefore we should be entitled to be subsidized.

Now the government wants to take back this super diesel subsidy too, are we not at the losing end?

We only 5 percent from our oil, our subsidy taken away, what is left for the rakyat, it is not fair.

Look at our road infrastructures in the state. It is still backward, without even one that connects from one district to another.

Therefore, the state government should ask the Federal government for some lee way at least. Or else the impact of transportation charges and prices of good going up will be too much for the majority of the people of Sabah.