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Fish Bombing still rampant in Semporna May 18, 2010

Posted by wong jimmy in Fiah bombing, Illegal Immigrants.

Fish bombing and poisoning serious in Semporna’s islands

I visited Danawan Island recently and the local villagers claimed fish bombings and poisoning is a daily matter and about 90 percent of fish sold at Semporna’s market comes from the illegal activities.

I met the local Danavan’s villagers and they told me these illegal activities are daily routine. Every hour the villagers said they could hear fish bombs exploding.

According to the villagers, the fish bombers only stop their activity and disappear when there are divers coming to dive between Danawan and Si Amil islands.

Divers that I met said they saw some dead fishes and only small fishes, no more big fishes. A diver working in Kampalai who brought some divers from Beijing, said they saw dead fishes and confirmed they heard bomb explodes underwater.

I also noticed that pump boats are numerous in the area and suspected the boats are used by the culprits.

I met a local by the name of Rudy Nomar who told me that there are 140 families of illegal immigrants compared to 24 local families. The locals only make up 175 people while the illegal are more that 2,000 people at Danawan and this is very serious.

Rudy said the locals used to use traditional fishing method but many had no choice but to follow the illegal methods to compete and the locals are pointing fingers at the illegal foreigners who had place them is such a predicament.

Ligitan Island is under serious threat of daily bombing activities and need to be gazette as protected park so that the Sabah Parks could manage the area and curb destructive fishing methods.

The three islands, Danawan, Ligitan and Si Amil are tourism potential and the state government must act fast to save the ecology potential before it’s too late.

These islands are in the Coral Triangle location and the locals at the island need to be educated to help safe-keep its richness. The government need to seriously step-in and help with the locals’ living standard at these islands, or else they will unknowingly resort to destroying their own rice bowl in order to compete with the illegal immigrants.

A 24-hour integrated forces should be stationed at the islands so that all aspects of security would be covered and leave no grey areas for perpetrators to flourish.

The army that are being stationed there is not enough. They have their job to look after security. More agencies are needed to carry out other enforcement duty such as destructive fishing. I hope the government will do a study as soon as possible and deal with the problem soonest.



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