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Gensets – old or new, it does matter March 17, 2010

Posted by wong jimmy in electricity.
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Second hand gensets? It does matter and I call on the Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) to be transparent over the second hand mobile electricity generators sets supplied to Tawau as the public are not happy with it. All the while, we thought the gensets would be brand new. After all the cause of frequent load shedding and blackouts were due to old gensets. So why is SESB allowing this to happen as SESB themselves had told the people many gensets are already old.

SESB’s Managing Director, Baharin Din had said the cause of shortage of power in Sabah were due to old gensets, so why is SESB getting used gensets again, it does not make any sense. The irony to it is that the people felt they were lied to by SESB who never told its customers the gensets were second hands, when on the other hand, SESB had assured new gensets would be supplied.

When it comes to electricity power generators, it does matter whether its is old or new, and I won’t be surprise if the coal-fired power plant if built would also be second hand.

SESB had failed to convince its customers time-after-time as evident with the failed grid system that promised there will be no more blackouts. I still remember reading Baharin’s statements in the newspaper, two years ago, he said with th egrid system complte, blackouts would be history, and what happened blackouts still continue. And now he is saying it is okay for second hand gensets as long as they functioning and provide electricity, but I like ask, how long could the gensets last, at what cost and is it economical?

I urged Baharin to publish a full details of the purchasing of the 32 generator sets as the public want to know whether they had not been cheated after they already had been lied too.



1. ajajal - March 17, 2010

Jimmy, You can yell at Baharin it is useless, he is only the office boy doing the dirty setups by the UMNO goons. UMNO has made Sabah
a state as their fix deposit that is with Mycard voters. We Sabahan are
just useless not able to stand up to UMNO . We have Sabahan leaders like PARIN who is only a boot licker. Gone are the days when we have
our say now it is gone . Having UMNO into Sabah. was the biggest mistakes .

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