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Professional organized crime at our doorstep March 3, 2010

Posted by wong jimmy in crime.

It saddens me when public called and informed me our police is not doing a good job investigating the many recent housebreak-ins. I am even informed that Tawau has a well organized underground syndicate operating and targeting residential areas.

After reading the news, I believe there is a syndicate now rooted in Tawau and public had told me they felt that locals youth, Chinese, Malays and also foreigners are being recruited to do housebreak-in.

It had been reported that in Tawau, 13 safes had been stolen from houses with the latest at Taman Asia Baru and other Tamans like Bandar Sri Indah, Mega Jaya and Hot Spring already broke into.

The syndicate is also believed to be running illegal gambling, drugs, burglary and robbery, using local youths to do the job.

The public are worried about their security and urge the police to get to the bottom of the many reported housebreak-in lately.

They work like professional and commit their crime even at day time. They have good intelligence network. They know when their would be victims will be out to dinner, wedding and holidays.

This had painted a bad impression on the police as public are claiming the police are not doing the investigation seriously, which I hope not.

From public information, the public strongly believe the syndicate is headed by two men from Semenanjung and one from Sarawak who were exiled here.

The police should catch the ‘head of the snake’or master mind and not only the ‘ma-chai’ or members or else housebreak-in will not stop in Tawau and will get even worst.

I call on the Tawau Police Chief to give assurance to the public and explain what had been done so far. I am sure police are aware since the public already suspected that this syndicate is a nation wide syndicate headed by Chinese and now they are here. I heard there are already hundreds of cases reported and at least 10 houses a day broke into.

YB Lim Kit Siang and Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim will be coming to Tawau soon and I will report this ‘horror’ story to them to bring to the parliament attention.

I will also write to the Home Minister and Inspector General of Police about this matter. I am also contemplating of engaging a private investigator to help. I feel this only the tip of the iceberg.

I hope our police will act professionally and not treat all these housebreak-ins as isolated cases. Find the head and leaders or else they will transform this organized crime into an industry.



1. andrew tan - March 11, 2010

You are indeed a champion and fighter for the rakyat Tawau.At least you dare to voice to those law enforcement personnel and to seek the attention of the top brass. Well done and keep your good and professional image for the rakyat.To serve and listen to their grievances is what they expect of you and the next mandate will be yours. Best of luck YB Jimmy

2. KKK - April 11, 2010

very gd let this so called PM for all Malaysians know the pathetic situation in Sabah , if this problem is not solved stop harping the hope of getting Sabahans to vote for BN , Sabahans will start to throw them into south china sea to feed the hungry sharks…….do not send people who committed crime to be exiled in our state , put them in your sungei buloh prison……its time we should also send those illegal aliens to KL , let them enjoy the company of aliens……….

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