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Electricity – take Sarawak offer – forget the coal-fired power plant March 2, 2010

Posted by wong jimmy in electricity.

I call on the government to act fast and take the Sarawak’s offer of its excess electricity supply through the Lawas Hydro Power Station and save a lot of money from building the coal-fired power plant in Lahad Datu. There is no reason why the state government should not accept the offer. It is just a connection to Lawas which is near our border.

Even Brunei had already signed a deal to buy 300 megawatt in three stages from Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB). The government should act fast and get at least 200 megawatt by 2012 and not relying on old generators and from Independent Power Producer (IPP).

Forget about the coal-fired power plant in Lahad Datu. The government can save a lot of money by buying electricity from Sarawak. We can use the money meant to build the coal-fired power plant to upgrade our drinking water system and have more dams, resevoir and water processing plant built.

Now we can solve both water and electricity problem. So I call on the state government to act fast for the sake of the people and economy.

I also call on the public to save and conserve water as I had been infromed that the water level is getting very low at the Tawau River. Due to El-nino, the water situation is expected to get worst. If the water level at the river is too low, the water processing plant at Cintamata would not be able to pump in raw water and the level as I was informed is already low.



1. azri - November 4, 2010

I agree with you..

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