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DAP Tawau branch Wanita February 11, 2010

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DAP Tawau branch had setup its  Tawau women division to strengthen the party. With the help from Members of Parliament of Seputeh, Teressa Kok, a committee was set up headed by Cristina Yeo.

The committee members are Chairman Cristina Yeo, Vice chairman Amy Jahulkah, Secretary Teressa Chan, Assistant Secretary Ling Yien Lin, Treasurer Catherine Lim, Organizing Secretary Libra Kideng, Publicity Secretary Chau Li Fun, Political Training Director Koh Chen Yean and committee members Lucy Fho, Helen Chong, Suzanna Law, Sak Mei Lin and Rafidah.

 Teressa who earlier visited the Sin On Market, said she and Segambut’s Member of Parliament Lim Lip Eng came to meet members and see how they could strengthen the party further. With increase members, we need guidelines. All eyes are on East Malaysia. A retired politician told her it is the right time for East Malaysia. I see DAP has made a comeback in Sabah and DAP had buckle-up and worked harder,¨ she said.
DAP will treat SAPP and other Pakatan Rakyat parties as friends. No hitting at each other, we will do things in equal basis, equal rights and power.

CNY VISIT…Terresa (second right), Lim (right), Jimmy (middle), DAP Tawau complaint bureau chairman James Leong (second left), DAP Tawau youth chairman Martin Wong (left) with God of Wealth and a shopper.

  Wishing the people at the Pasar Tanjung


Pork shortage – breeders 1st or consumers 1st February 11, 2010

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The government should be fair with pork meat and allows import just like any other meat as by denying import for pork meat whether there is any shortage or not is denying the consumers of choice and businessmen for healthy competition. By denying import the government is putting breeders interest first rather than the vast majority of consumers and this is strange and it is against its slogan of ‘people first’.

How can it hurt the local breeders? We import chicken, cow and buffalo meats and there is no problem with the local farmers here. On disease from imports pork meat, look at Singapore and Hong Kong, both are 100 percent importers of pork meat, with Hong Kong getting supplies form Argentina that supply at cheaper price and good quality. West Malaysia also import pork meat, so tell me and the consumers, if its safe to import in West Malaysia, why is it not safe for Sabah?

Unless there is a vested interest, the government should bent down to consumers demand and allow import. If there is no vested interest, open the market and end the shortage, high price and suffering of consumers. The high price of pork in Tawau had caused many middle income consummer to stop buying pork meat and this is unhealthy to the local economy and I hoped the controlled price by the government would be accepted by consumers to enjoy lower price for the Chinese New Year.

I also call on the Chinese leaders in the Barisan National to speak out and not keeping their silent about the matter.