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Debate on proposed amendment (Land Acquisition Ordinance) December 12, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in Land, speech, State Legislative Assembly.

DEBATE ON PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE LAND ACQUISITION ORDINANCE                                                                  DATE: NOV 18TH 2009


  1. 1 The proposed amendment to section 2(e)by deleting the relevant section will have the effect of broadening the definition of public purpose under the Ordinance. Without the amendment, “public utility” means those undertaken by the Government. Federal Government,a local govnt or any corporation incorporated directly by written law  etc. With the amendment, the effect of it will be that the “public purpose” in connection with any public utility does not have to be limited to those undertaken by the Government.


  1. 2 I do not think such amendment has the effect as proposed i.e. to bring it in line with the other paragraphs of the definition where the bodies undertaking or providing the purposes stated in the Ordinance was not expressly provided for. I am proposing that this be further looked into before a decision is made on the same.


  1. 3 As for the proposed amendment to section 97(2) of the Land Ordinance wherein the old provision would need the Collector shall affix his own signature thereto in order to be satisfied with the authenticity of the memorandum. With the rampant cases of fraud happening as far as land transfer are concern, I do not think the deletion of this requirement is advisable. Even with the implementation of the electronic registration, although the signature of the Collector may not be required, however, the fact that his verification of the authenticity of memorandum is still required. I therefore, proposed that the proposed amendment be modified.


  1. 4 One way is to have electronic finger print system like what the IC department do now when we make our new Mykad.


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