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Debate on proposed amendment (Land Acquisition Ordinance) December 12, 2009

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DEBATE ON PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE LAND ACQUISITION ORDINANCE                                                                  DATE: NOV 18TH 2009


  1. 1 The proposed amendment to section 2(e)by deleting the relevant section will have the effect of broadening the definition of public purpose under the Ordinance. Without the amendment, “public utility” means those undertaken by the Government. Federal Government,a local govnt or any corporation incorporated directly by written law  etc. With the amendment, the effect of it will be that the “public purpose” in connection with any public utility does not have to be limited to those undertaken by the Government.


  1. 2 I do not think such amendment has the effect as proposed i.e. to bring it in line with the other paragraphs of the definition where the bodies undertaking or providing the purposes stated in the Ordinance was not expressly provided for. I am proposing that this be further looked into before a decision is made on the same.


  1. 3 As for the proposed amendment to section 97(2) of the Land Ordinance wherein the old provision would need the Collector shall affix his own signature thereto in order to be satisfied with the authenticity of the memorandum. With the rampant cases of fraud happening as far as land transfer are concern, I do not think the deletion of this requirement is advisable. Even with the implementation of the electronic registration, although the signature of the Collector may not be required, however, the fact that his verification of the authenticity of memorandum is still required. I therefore, proposed that the proposed amendment be modified.


  1. 4 One way is to have electronic finger print system like what the IC department do now when we make our new Mykad.

My Speech in the recent State Assembly (Budget 2010) December 12, 2009

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  1. 1.          Saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada Tuan Speaker kerana telah memberi saya peluang untuk membahas bajet 2010 yang telah dibentangkan oleh Menteri Kewangan merangkap Ketua Menteri. Dengan izin saya ingin meneruskan perbahasan saya dalam Bahasa English.


Dengan izin Tuan Speaker, saya ingin mengumumkan yang saya tidak akan memberi laluan kerana masa tidak cukup.

Tuan Speaker

  1. 2.          (a)    First of all, I would like to inform everyone here in this Honourable Dewan that the Tawau rate payers have won the Sabindo open space case in the High Court of Tawau. Please give them a big clap. It is their greatest wish that all open space should be protected and all JVs should be rechecked on the legality. However, it is indeed very sad that the Rakyat had to go to court to protect their rights when this should have been done by the relevant authorities.


(b)        It saddened me that the Government who is supposed to be the champion of public interest has failed to protect the public interest and the public had to do the job for the Government, to show and prove to the Government that it had failed them. The AG was not acting for the public but rather for the developer, it was so obvious, what can the people say? Can they trust the AG and the Government to protect their interest anymore? Now the test is for the government to do the right thing and that is to also demolish the other structure that the court had leave for the Government to decide.

(c)        The rate payers had used their own money to fight the case and the Government did nothing, not even thanking the people of Tawau for doing a good job to see that justice is upheld.

(d)        On the 2010 budget, I welcome the announcement by the Minister of  Finance cum Chief Minister on the budget RM3.3 billions ….. very impressive and to be spent prudently.

(e)        But I must say all this will come to nothing because our delivery system had broken down. We can’t even fix our electricity and water problems after all these years. That is why after a few biggest allocations from the State Government, the people say they do not feel the development. The Rakyat do not want to see wasted projects like the Sandakan Water treatment plant that can only operate at half the capacity. The Tawau water reservoir at Tinagat that after completion was not even used because there were flaws. It was not high enough. Who did the study and who approved the project?  

(f)          The Government need to change and listen to the people, there are many experts out there who are not working for the Government but could tremendously help in developments if only the Government listen to their advice. We still do not have enough electricity and water, bad services and so on, when we should be among the best.

(g)        I would also like to point out that Tawau had been left out, there are six YBs but compared to Sandakan, what kind of roads do Tawau have? The people are looking forward to hear the North Road, Kuhara Road and other roads to be upgraded to dual carriage and a coastal road would be good for Tawau as the traffic congestion during peaks hours is getting worst. Why isn’t there a budget for Tawau roads to be made bigger? Chong Thien Vun road extension and Sin On Road upgrade to empat hala that had been approved why is there no budget for it? I hope the Government can tell the Tawau people when it will be implemented.

Tuan Speaker

  1. 3.          2010 Budget


(a)        The Finance Minister cum Chief Minister has on 13th November 2009 tabled the 2010 budget amounting to RM3.3 billions. Tagged as the biggest budget in the state’s history, apparently also the biggest tabled by any state Government in the country. However, we are still lacking behind in basic amenities such as water, infrastructures and electricity. Ini macam repeat saja dari tahun lalu, salalu cakap biggest budget tapi last last electric masi tidak cukup, air pun kekurangan dan itu subsidi beras pun susah mau cari. Kalau cakap “biggest budget” patut Sabah mesti sudah maju. However, the biggest budget at the end of the day produces the least development and the provision of infrastructure for Sabahan.In fact, the   2009 biggest butget brought about a lot of negative impack. Power cut without notice and is still going onpower sheeding 3 to 5 hours a day in Tawau . Black out—-top record in Malaysia  and in Asia???  

Tuan Speaker, We are also very disappointed that only RM1.15 billion to come from the Federal. Kalau cakap Sabah adalah “fixed deposit” untuk kerajaan barisan nasional, kenapa interests untuk ini fixed deposit sudah turun berbanding tahun lalu? Ini macam bukan “fixed deposit” tetapi ini sudah macam “anak angkat”. Let us not forget, that Sabah is ranked as one of the poorest state in Malaysia when we should have been an equal partner to the formation of Malaysia. Kita Cuma perlu lihat keadaan jalan raya di Ranau, saya betul betul kasihan dengan orang-orang kampong sana, ada jalan raya yang belum kena tar lagi. Bila lah orang  Sabah dapat menikmati highway macam orang di Semenanjung Malaysia? Kita orang Sabah minta highway 4 hala linking to all major town dalam masa 10 tahun setelah kerajaan barisan nasional telah menjadi kerajaan selama 40 lebih tahun? Saya percaya permintaan ini tidaklah keterlaluan.

(b)         we can abolish the negotiated tender system and to implement the open tender system. Forest revenue drastically drop 229 juta to only 65.79 juta can be increased by open tender to all timber concessions, surely we can improved the collection of Timber Royalty.

  1. 4.          WATER


(a)        Water is the most important source to every living things in this planet and therefore very important for all of us here. First of all, I call on the Government to let the public know what are the refurbishment taking place at the Timatch’s water plant. All the public could read from the signboard put up is “refurbishment” without any date specified.

(b)        The people of Tawau would like to see their water woes problems settled once and for all as this has been going on for more than 30 years. I hope the Government is sincere and serious and would plan for the future to ensure Tawau water supplies will never face any more problems once the refurbishment are completed. All pumps should be replaced with new ones as many times disruptions were also caused by pumps that broke-down. Pumps broken 6 to 7 times a month, do think of that kind of water woes face by the Rakyat of Tawau “every day we short of water some where!!!”

(c)        Problems such as leaky old pipe and water thefts should be look into seriously as theses contribute to the revenue loss for the water department. Enforcement on water thefts must be done vigilantly and seriously so that genuine customers with accounts would not have to suffer unnecessarily.

(d)        I would like also call on the Government to build water reservoirs as Tawau is growing and we should be well prepared just in case there is a long drought as the climate of the world is changing. Land is ever ready, as 600 over acres land at Tiku already acquired by the govnt 20 years ago.  

(e)        Tuan speaker ,I hereby proposed that the state government provide 30 cubic meter free water to Sabah rakyat. This I call a gift of love from the state government. It is something that the rakyat can feel, touch and enjoy it, 24 hours a day, of course subject to no disruption. Like the Selangor state government, they have given 20 cubic meter of free water for every customer. They have been doing it for the past 2 years. It costs the Selangor state Govnt only 60 over millions per year and is  really money for value,  for 8 millions rakyat in Selangor. Whereas in Sabah we only have more than 2 million population. why cant we give something so basic to the rakyat which will have tremendous impact to the rakyat. I sincerely believe this historical budget should be shared with rakyat in providing this very basic necessity.

(f)          Tuan speaker I do not wish to teach grandmother how to sucks eggs but perhaps the water department should have water to be delivered to the people if there is a disruption on the water supply after 24 hours, this is the least you can do for the people.  The people in Sarawak has enjoyed this benefit, so what is stopping Sabah from doing the same???




(a)        I wish also to suggest that the allocation for Chinese independent school should be increased to RM15 million considering that the salary generally in the Chinese independent school are lower than the other Government schools. Further, these schools now are also catering for all races. As of now, the starting salary for degree holder teachers in these independent schools is only RM1600.00 and there are no other allowances whereas in government schools a degree holder will have RM2000 plus with allowances. After all these schools have proven itself internationally. Grants should be given at the beginning of the year and to enable them to enjoy better facility.  These additional grants will enable the independent Chinese schools to increase at least the teachers’ salary together with allowances.


  1. 6.          TUAN SPEAKER – CORRUPTION


(a)    The mother of all corruption is from negotiated tender and I call upon state Government to emulate the Penang State Government by abolishing negotiated tender and implement the open tender system.

(b)        I would like to bring the Government attention to corruptions, I call on the Government to be more serious on these as it had caused the Government substantial losses in contracts, projects and in Revenue. I observed that in many cases there were no supervision and contractors are pocketing public money without giving the best service and high standard of work. Not money for Value!

(c)        I give an example of Tawau Municipal Council town cleaners. Ten years had passed and the contractor had failed to keep the town clean and carry out what is in the agreement such as machine to sweep and clean the streets and kaki lima and 100 workers. To my surprise the same contractor was given an extension again even after doing a very poor job. Every month this contractor will be taking RM110,000.00 just by doing shoddy job. This to me is corruption, stealing from the public, and the council is closing its eye without doing any supervision or checking.

(d)        The Kalabakan-Sapulut road, no supervision, no-one bothered to check whether the contractor is doing a proper job. Even the drainage has no BRC. You don’t believe me? Go and see for yourself, the evidences are there. Almost all the drainage had cracked, so what are the local councils doing? Ini macam taufu project sudah. If this is not corruption, what is this? Hundred of millions are wasted and now the contractor is asking for more. Walaupun itu jalan belum kena seal, tapi itu contractor sudah kena bayar, sekarang mau minta lagi duit untuk buat kerja yang sepatutnya telah siap dari awal lagi. People wants to see the road complete without wastage of millions of Ringgits. This is a very good example of not a prudent spending. This is also prove that our delivery system has broken down.

(e)        To mention a few the RM16 million in Hong Kong, this money laundering has been going on for a long time. Minister losing millions in gambling and yet the Government is not doing anything to investigate. The timber royalty getting lesser next year could also be another sign of corruption.

(f)          I would say those who are responsible to enforce and supervise projects and contracts, they are not doing their job and serving the public interest and the Government.


(a)        I hope to see the Government fix many of the problems I mentioned. With such a big allocation people would want to see good development that they can see, feel and benefit from it.

(b)        Please see to it that the water, electricity, roads problems are fixed. The 7.5% CPO tax which the Government is not prudent as the smallholders are still waiting for it to be rectified. May be the State Government can write to all FFB factory directing them not to charge the CPO tax on the smallholders. To slove the problem once and for all.

(c)        I would like to recommend the State Government to stop all negotiated tenders as this would lead to corruptions. Timbers, local council’s contracts jobs for example are negotiated tenders. All tenders should be open tenders like in Penang.

(d)         Lastly, I would like to mention on the RM1,300 loan for smallholders. I feel it is too small as it does not come to RM100 per acre and I do not think the smallholders know where to apply for the loan. I suggest the Government change the loan into a grant to the smallholders to improve their living standard.

Tuan speaker

(e)         Thank you again for this opportunity to debate the budget and raise up issues relating to development and the people expectation. I am looking forward to a fruitful 2010 year to come to appreciate the benefit of developments. NO POWER CUT, NO WATER DISRUPTION, SPEEDY GOVERNMENT SERVICES AND PLENTY OF GOOD ROADS… ETC.

Tuan Speaker, Sekian Terima Kasih.