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PR or work pass dispute September 6, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in PR/Workpass.

Permanent Residency or work pass for West Malaysian and Sarawakian in Sabah The PR or work passes for West Malaysian and Sarawakian to work and stay in Sabah, has been a highly disputed matter recently in the papers by the politician. Sabah DAP has been contacted by the press to give comment on the matter, Dr. Hiew King Cheu the state chairman and Jimmy Wong Tse Phin the vice chairman, have shared the view that there is some differences between the PR and the work permit.

The two can not be mixed together, and it is not to be taken as one entity. Some people may be allowed to stay permanently, but not necessary they are working, some are working and wish to stay here permanently, and some are working here without the intention to stay for long. These can be divided into the following groups:-

(1) temporary stay with work permits,

(2) settled down with local wife or husband with children and grand children,

(3) working and staying here for over a long number of years,

(4) owner of businesses and properties,

(5) foreign expatriate or second home seekers,

(6) people with ground of good services and conduct records.

The granting of PR and work permits is entirely the jurisdiction and power of the Sabah state government under its Chief Minister department and the Immigration department. The Immigration power is under the state government, and is stipulated under the Malaysia Agreement – 20 Points.

To many Sabahan, they may not agree to allow the West Malaysian and Sarawakian to come into Sabah to live and work here. That is why in the first place Sabah Immigration Act provided that Malaysian from outside Sabah must go through the process of applying for entry permit, work permit and later PR status in Sabah.

This is still a step set down to control the influx of outsiders into the state, and to protect the rights of the locals in Sabah. This has become totally different, because the number of people from outside the state will be more than the locals now, especially the Pilipino and the Indonesian who had become Sabahan through various means. Some Pilipino and Indonesian are holders with PR and work permits. It is very easy for them to obtain PR and even Mycard. Some without any identity and document are being given “green cards” by the BN government to register them, and they are eligible to live and work here in Sabah happily and legally. Their numbers are alarmingly on the increase, will the BN government continue to give them the priority on the Mycard, PR and green card? What is happening and what is the BN government doing to the thousands of West Malaysian and Sarawakian who came and worked their life for more than 30 years with a family here and contributing to the economy and development of Sabah?

It is very unfair for the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib to talk so much about 1-Malaysia, and that he will remain talking about his slogan and no action done. We want to see something to be done to stop and clear away the illegal foreigners from obtaining Sabah PR status and identity.



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