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Collect uncollected garbage April 13, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in Garbage.
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What’s happening?                                                Bottles not collected?



I was unhappy when I personally went to check complaints on uncollected garbage at two places in Fajar Complex.


I call on the Tawau Municipal Council (TMC) to check whether the garbage were collected as judging from the looks of the garbage, it has not been collected for sometime.


I am very disappointed to see this happening right in the middle of Tawau, it is very shameful, what will people think about Tawau if they come across this pile of garbage?


I also question about the uncollected bottles as it is evident bottles were not collected by the garbage collectors.


What is the category of used bottles? Isn’t thing that is thrown and unwanted is defined as garbage? If the garbage collectors don’t collect these bottles, who will?


I hope TMC would call all those involved in the garbage collection for a meeting including all the assemblymen and Members of Parliament to solve the problem once and for all.









1. dingkading - April 21, 2009

Tawau bandar terkotor di Sabah (Daily Express, 21 April,09)
Review contract of cleaning contractor (Borneo Post, 21 April, 09)

As a local resident here, i’m intrigue to comment on the above. This should not be blame to just one party. We cannot point fingers to just one party, but we should educate everybody to work together with the TMC and contractors to achieve a clean town.

What the YB trying to say do not make any sense. This is our town and this is our and every one’s duty to help to make tawau a clean and healthy town to stay..

What i see and witness, the contractor are doing their job well..but who can stop people from littering the town? is it the contractor’s job, or TMC or YB and your DAP committee? Think before making accusations…

2. dingkadung - May 31, 2009

well as politician, i think he plays his role. I dont see any statement above as a wild accusation. So what your suggestion to solve the issue fren?

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