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Sex and money for freedom March 19, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in Abuse.

I could not believe it when told that immigration officer abuse power for sex and money, but it seems there are many complaints and allegations that could not be denied.


As the complaints I have received are serious, I called for immediate investigation on allegation of power abuse by immigration officer on foreign women and employers.


I had received complaints from women that they were pressured to having sex in return for freedom while being detained at the Temporary Detention Center here.


There should be an immediate investigation as these women claimed that they were taken out from the detention center in pretense for questioning but instead for sex favours. The women also were asked to pay a sum of money to ensure their release. I was also told that this thing had been going on for quite sometime.


I also learnt that these thing does not only happen at the detention center but also at nightspots where foreign women will become prey and pressured into sex, and if they do not oblige officer will create inconvenience for the women.


On the other hand employers are also pressured for under-table money in return for release of detained employees.


Many employers had registered their foreign workers under the Foreign Worker and Illegal Worker Registration Program that started on Oct 10 last year and only waiting for letter of acknowledgment from the Immigration Department that the registration had been received. Sadly, some of the employers whose workers had been detained during operation claimed that they had to pay for the acknowledgement or their workers will have to serve 3-months jail term and then deported.


As I had heard of many complaints before and now I am gathering evidence to the allegations as most of the victims are scared to come forward.



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