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Bad roads at Kalumpang March 19, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in Road.

stuck I again call on the government to immediately upgrade smallholders’ road, this time at  Ulu Kalumpang, which can only be accessible by four-wheel-drive vehicles.

The smallholders have told me the road had never been upgraded since the Berjaya government time and the situation has caused smallholders who does not have a four-wheel-drive vehicle difficulty to carry out their farm activity in the area because of the bad road and mud.

Even those who owns a four-wheel-drive also finds it difficult go through the road especially during rainy season. They also have to cope with vehicle repair cost due to the very bad road.

Most of the smallholders in the area have at least 15 acres of land and have been farming the area for more than 20-years.  There are 503 farming lots in the area.bad-road

I hope the government will take immediate action to assist them as they are also taxpayers and this is where the RM50 million allocation for smallholders announced by the government could be use to help the smallholders.

At the moment the smallholders had to bear the cost to repair the roads leading to their respective plot of land. This is sad as the maintenance of road and repairs should be the government responsibility and not the smallholders.



1. kent - April 26, 2009

no roads for small holders since berjaya admin ?

wow……bn took over also no proper roads for smallholers ?

so are those previous & current admin been slepping away on their job ?

is this how they serve their fellow sabahans ?

wake up to yr idea man

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