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Clogged drains caused flash flood March 18, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in Flood.

Flasclogdrain1h flood that happened during the heavy downpour recently was caused by clogged drains.

I surveyed the drainage in town area especially the outlets and found that clogged drains were the reasons Taman Berjaya and other areas were flooded for a few hours.

I have checked together with the Public Works Department contractor and many of the drains were clogged with rubbish even though that according to the contractor the drains were cleaned early this year.

The public also should play their role and not simply throw rubbish into the drains as it is evident that the drains were filled with all sorts of rubbish.

It is important to keep our drains clean so that water will flow out fast when there is a heavy rain.

To my observation the drains also need maintenance as some of the concrete drains had cracked or broke and also call for the earth drains to be upgraded to concrete drains.

I also call on the Tawau Municipal Council anti-litter unit to also catch those who litter outside of town especially along Apas Road. With serious and vigilant campaign, I am sure Tawau could become a clean town where we can all be proud of.  

I am sure if all this is taken into consideration and implemented, flash floods in Tawau would be history.



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