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Slowness of Land & Survey dept. will affect Twu economy February 28, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in Land.
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I have received many complaints from the public and businessmen that the Land and Survey Department services are getting slower.


Instead of progressive, the department is regressive unlike the Immigration Department that is progressive and now can issue passport in a matter of days.


Before it only took three-days or the most 1-week to charge a title to the bank, but now it takes up to one to three months.


For those taking loans, it is a big stumbling block, and for property developers it’s a hindrance on cash flow. It is also not fair to the banks because banks need to release loans and charge interest.


It’s the same with land titles and strata titles where low cost housings owners and tenants had already finish paying the loan but are still waiting for the titles.


Why is the Land and Survey Department service and process on issuing titles and strata titles never improve and in fact getting slower?


I feel the department should computerize so that titles to be charge to banks for loans could be confirmed within hours.


As I see the situation is not getting better, I am going to bring it up in the Dewan (State Legislative Assembly), as many people are not happy with the service and this in particullarly will have an adverse effect on Tawau economy.


Water treatment plant – system need to be upgrade February 18, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in Water.

The Timatch Sdn Bhd water treatment plant system at Hill Top need to be upgraded in order to improve the water supply in the district. I visited the plant yesterday after receiving complaints from the public regarding water supply since the Chinese New Year. I went to see for myself the situation and also wanted to know what is/are the problem(s). I came with Tawau Water Works Department head Bahrin Antonio and was briefed on the situation by the plant’s manager Au Hing Lam. We were told that two raw water pumps and two treated water pumps failed to function after the shafts broke, but I am happy when told that it had been repaired, but this is for short-term. For long-term, the government together with Timatch should see to it that all the old pumps are changed to new ones and the systems upgraded. Au had informed me it is in the plan. He said this year the water system on overall will see an improvement, but I called the government to do more as the water problems in Tawau is a yearly affair and had never been completely addressed.