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Eyes and Ears January 24, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in Council.

DAP  Tawau will play its part by being the eyes and ears and help to point out weakness to the Tawau Municipal Council (TMC) so that the council could give the best service to community.

Though we are in the opposition we hoped to have good cooperation from the council so that the interest of the people are taken cared.

DAP Tawau had paid a courtesy call and to send Chinese New Greetings to TMC’s new President Ismail Mayakub on Jan 22, and we talked with Ismail on working together to provide better service to the people of Tawau.

We hoped as the new TMC President, Ismail would seriously look into all the privatized contracts and private contractors of TMC.

All this while we see that TMC’s contractors are not doing a good job to the satisfaction of the people, the service are poor; as example street sweepers, grass cutters and drainage cleaner.

 TMC must ensured the appointed contractors fulfill and carried out all their task as agreed in their contracts otherwise should only be paid on what they had carried out.

The people’s money are being robbed, as at the moment TMC’s contractors are being paid even though their services are sub-standards.

I hope to see a new and better TMC with Ismail taking the helm and hope to see some positive changes within six-months. daptmcpresident



1. jeffrey@puffinsky.blogspot.com - February 1, 2009

yes, i do share the same view and hoping the new president will bring changes to Tawau. But with the hardocre mindset of the general public servant, can he do something about it? Does he has the guts to axe andbring out the changes? We the rakyat demand it no doubt and we hope Jimmy Wong as the State rep for us will be bold enough to follow up and be our voice.

Thank you.

2. talk only - February 2, 2009

The day will come when local councils, or any government entities for that matter and the politicians running them ,act in the best interests of the people if government becomes transparent and the bad hats are hauled up for their misdeeds and irresponsibilities. Until then a pat on the back for conscientious public servants do a lot to boost morale, A total change of culture is called for here.

3. Talker - February 3, 2009

At least it is good to know that so called MPT president are gone now, hopefully the new one is better working with, also able to perform the works for the people at his best abilities…

But i do have something to say, for those people that involved in road accident but crash those public lights and stuff, should they pay for it?? as most time MPT take so long time before replace it, why because of their careless, end up many things are not working and tax money has been used to pay for those, is this fair??

As i do think car damage can use car insurance to cover, but public property damage should be carry by those careless driver to teach them how to drive carefully next time.

4. tawaufolk - February 13, 2009

Dear YB,

I agree with you on this issue. Of course we the rakyat all along knew that most of these TMC projects were contracted out to well connected personality to Tawau ruling politicians. Though you have consistently raised these issues but it all landed on deaf ears. I wonder how are you going to pursue this matter when all of them ( TMC + Contractors + Politicians ) work hand and gloves to each other. You against them.

Don’t expect the SPRM to be on your side. They too have their hands tied. You can fight forever and nobody cares but silent majority are with you. Keep on the good work YB. Happy Chinese New Year.


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