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Chinese New Year Message January 24, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in Message.

Every one already knows, this year will be a bad year, recession is already here but still many ministers are not taking it seriously. They are thinking about themselves and not the people. Cutting off salaries, retrenchment has started, where will these people go to find jobs, how will they look for extra money? How will the government help them?


When will the government be able to help reduce the prices of essential items like meat, fish, chicken, eggs, and cooking oil? Everything had gone up. In fact, the government had said the price of sugar too will come up after the Chinese New Year. What is happening? Blame it on the recession?


The government is not doing enough; it must do more than just Sabah Development Corridor. Believe me this will not help much, it will only help a few people. We already had KKIP and it’s a flop. The POIC in Lahad Datu and Sandakan, I dread are going to be other white elephants. It should be put on hold.


What is left now is to voice out, pray and pray that the government will wake up and sincerely help the people and face the recession together. To see to it that people will not starve, jobs aplenty for those seeking jobs, otherwise there will be more and more crimes as people have to eat.


Nevertheless, on our part, we must be optimistic and be brave, be more hard working, be willing to take up any jobs, learn to be prudent, save and not to spend unnecessarily. Have faith, have hope and keep praying for our country Malaysia.


Wishing All of You A HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR from all of us in DAP Tawau branch.



Hotlines 016-827 5330 (James Leong – Pengerusi Biro Aduan Awam), 016-826 1134 (James Chok – Ketua Pemuda Tawau)        




1. Talker - February 3, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year YB…May BN going down soon…

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