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Tawau need President who can perform for the people January 9, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in Council.


The municipal council needs a council president who can perform for the interest of the people and change the Tawau Municipal Council (TMC) into a service oriented and public interest first mindset.


I read from the news yesterday that there will be a new president for TMC and Tawau people cannot allow TMC to be led just like it has been all these years.


The new president should not be chosen purely on seniority, politically, favoritism and so on, but must be on experience, capability, responsibility and most important a person who is able to take command and ensure service to the people above all.


Tawau now is far behind in term of services for example garbage collection, cleaning and maintenance.


The services standards are low service are poor and this must change or the people including me will not stop complaining.


The public does not want to see their money wasted being paid for services that are unsatisfactory and wants to see all privatized contracts be carried out 100 percent as agreed in the agreement.    


The intention to change president by the State government, maybe a good intention and for a good cause, so I urged the government to think seriously when choosing the next TMC president and avoid political appointment, crony or friends.


The person must have capability, credibility, accountability and transparency, and it is even better if the government can consult the Tawau people on the shortlisted candidates. If the government wants to change Tawau, this is the chance to give excellent service to the people, and I hoped that as the assemblyman that I too will be consulted.


The new president must be able to change the working attitude of the current TMC’s staffs and ensure all the staffs especially the enforcement teams do their jobs as expected by the public.


Those who are sleeping must be waken, if they don’t like their job sack them, there are many unemployed graduates who waiting to be given a chance.


Firstly, the people want a very qualified professional for the TMC post. Personally I don’t mind even if the president is a woman as the TMC is in dire need for major repairs. I had observed in the past, most president are politically chosen whether they are qualified or not and as a result most of the TMC’s staffs are backwards, unmotivated and do not know how to work for the public.


Secondly, the president is a person who can delegate and command all staffs, contractors and see to it that they perform their duty responsibly.

Thirdly, no political bias toward anyone but doing duty as president and bring much needed improvement to Tawau.


Fourthly, to go down to the field and listen to the people. The people know best what they want for Tawau.


The Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hj Musa Aman had already said he does not want Tawau to become a ‘rojak town’, so I say send someone who can do the job to the satisfaction of the Tawau people.


Appoint someone who is not bias, with ability and good public relation and irrespective of race, religion or gender. There are many qualified person out there if only the government chose wisely without politically motivated.   






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