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You are not a Malaysian! January 5, 2009

Posted by wong jimmy in citizenship.

Imagine, you are not a Malaysian because your parents (father a Malaysian, mother a foreigner) was not yet married when you were born. So though you were born in Malaysia but because your parents only got married later, you are not a Malaysian and have to go with your mother’s citizenship. For example your mother is Indonesian then you are Indonesian. I ask is this fair, is it your fault?


What about the Malaysian fathers who abandoned their children. They could not apply for their Mykad because their fathers’ are no where to be found. Is it the children fault?


No, it’s not the children’s fault whether their parents have married or not, whether one of their parents is a non Malaysian. The point is they are Malaysian through one of their Malaysian parents.


Today, I found out that the matters were made worst when parents broke-up, mixed marriage (foreign spouse) and late marriage registration. These children are denied enrolment or registration to government schools because they could only produce birth certificates that only showed one of the parents are Malaysians with the students status not stated as citizen (warganegara).


So they have to apply to become a citizen first before they can apply for a MyKad. So how long do they have to wait before they could go to school. What is the problem here, if the government can approve foreigners to become citizen then this children who are already a product of a Malaysian citizen should rightfully be given a Malaysian citizenship.


This is happening in Tawau, where many parents could not get their children into government schools.


One student whose mother is an Indonesian but father a Malaysian could not enter Form one as the father (separated) did not bothered to get his daughter’s Mykad done. One student, her parents, father Malaysian, mother Indonesian was not married when she was born and so she followed her mother citizenship and is not considered a Malaysian though her father is.


The rational of having birth certificates copy to be verified by the National Registration Department (NRD) first before parents could register their children to the respective schools is also unwarranted..


I was also shocked to learn schools do not accept NRD’s certified copies dated last year (2008) and only accept those verified and certified this year (2009). I want to know is this true? I am told this not happening in other districts but only in Tawau.

How can this be? Is there too many questionable citizens in Tawau because of the high numbers of illegal immigrants?


This had caused NRD to be swarmed with parents since Friday. Today there were 1745 parents seeking the NRD’s verified and certified true copies and I had to plea on their behalf with the NRD to open their counters until everyone had their copies verified and certified.


What sadden me more when I met those parents from far away areas who are from Kalabakan, Merotai, Balung who have to fork out extra RM40 and have to return again tomorrow as they had failed to get a counter number yesterday.


I suggest that schools take in the students pending the verification and certification of their birth certificates and citizenship status.


Just like in employment, three months probation to verify the employee status and others. This way parents won’t have to rush and cramp-up the NRD and students studies would not be interrupted.






1. esther albert - February 11, 2009

goos afternoon Mr Jimmy
i am happy that u are raising this issue..(most ppl in Tawau, must be familiar with this case)…not all Malaysian (including me) aware of this ‘citizenship’ matters…i am a goverment servant, got transferd to tawau a year ago, and so shocked to find out that, this citizenship matters are a hardcore problem here. this case that u are mentioning YB, i just 1 of those. a lot more…e.g : an SPM scorer, but fails to further study due to document problems,. etc, etc…
dunno, when will this end…..what do we do?
for some cases that i came to know in my church, my only help was to offer them administrative advices,get them meet the right person for advices…..
but, no significant acceptable promising solution for this as for now…

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