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Sebatik Farmers asked to shift to new jetty but facilities poor November 12, 2008

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DAP will take Sebatik farmers plight to assembly if no action from local council, that’s my promise. The Sebatik farmers had turned to DAP for help after the difficulties faced by them to land their products for Tawau market and loading of goods to be brought back to the island fell onto deaf ears.

I went there personally to see their problem after they called me and I agree with them that the LKIM (Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia) jetty which the Tawau Municipal Council (TMC) had asked them to use is not suitable, after inspecting the newly built jetty.

The stairs leading to the main platform is to steep and small. The gangway is also small for lorries and quite a distant from the road. On top of that there is no railings for safety measures. With such crowded activities, people could fall off the jetty.

Because of this I understand and see the reasons why the farmers and businessman resorted to use another area near the jetty to land and load their goods and products.

Everyone has to rush unloading their products such as bananas, oil palm fruits and other cash crops to be loaded onto waiting lorries and to be transported to the market before the tide subsides, as the boats will get stuck in the mud.   

I call on the TMC that had shifted them to Tanjung Batu to immediately monitor, note down the problems and address the situation before the coming State Legislative Assembly. If needed I will bring the matter up at the assembly and ask for allocation on behalf of the assemblyman here so that a temporary landing and loading area could be constructed while waiting for a better and permanent one to be constructed by TMC.

TMC should had prepared in advance prior to the shifting and must have a plan to have a permanent jetty for the Sebatik people and not simply shifting them from one place to another without considering their plights.

A temporary jetty is okay but it’s the council’s responsibility to have a suitable site for a permanent jetty which is agreeable to the Sebatik people.

I advised the Sebatik farmers and businessman to form a special committee to handle the issue and I will contact TMC for meeting.

The livelihood and economic activity of the Sebatik people has been disrupted and I hope everyone concern will help find solution. I was told that the building project of the police station and a school in Sebatik could also be disrupted as there are difficulties in transporting the materials such stones to be shipped to Sebatik.

Meanwhile, I suggest that they be shifted back to their former place at Sabindo temporary while waiting for a better permanent jetty.



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