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Open Spaces Signature Campaign November 12, 2008

Posted by wong jimmy in Open Space.


12th November 2008

Due to numerous public requests regarding the latest development on the Bandar Sabindo Open Space public litigation, James Wong, the spokesman for the plaintiffs, and YB Jimmy Wong hereby hold this press conference.

1. Court met in chamber on 14/10 2:30pm in KK under purview of High Court Judge Md. Yew Jen Kie.

2. MPT and developers had cancelled the JV and development plan and developers requested the court to strike out the plaintiffs’ suit assuming that base on such cancellation, from now on the plaintiffs cannot interfere with the future changes regarding the commercial developments on the Sabindo Open Spaces on lot C and D (in front of Man Cheong) where the illegal structure stand. The structure on lot E (Beside Tai Yuan Super Marker) will be converted for public use. But plaintiffs’ lawyer Datuk Simon Shim pointed out that one of the plaintiffs’ prayers is the complete demolition of the present illegal buildings on the Open Spaces on lot D and E. Therefore this public interest litigation will continue although MPT and the developers had cancelled the JV and development plan.

3.The Attorney General representing the government conceded to the view of the developers (as above in item 2) and highlight that the so call ‘Open Spaces’ identified as lot C and D are not open spaces but state reserve, which means the government has made a mistake more than 30 years ago in designating the state reserve as ‘open space.’ Therefore the AG holds that the government can allow the commercial development on the land identified as lot D to continue and requested the court to lift the stop work injunction so that the commercial building can continue. The plaintiffs’ lawyer requested for an adjournment of two months to study the status of the land and government documents as the plaintiffs believe that this is a mere excused in support of the developers’ interest.

4. And the plaintiffs’ lawyer reminded the court that MPT had earlier consented judgement that the JV and development plans are illegal and undertake not to interfere with the order to stop work. Therefore the action of the AG is a contradiction of this procedure. Further, the plaintiffs’ lawyer reminded the court that the AG has shifted his stand in protecting the interest of the public to protecting the interest of the developers, and the plaintiffs would like to see how the AG would protect the interest of the public in this case because the plaintiffs represent the people of Tawau

5. Seeing the new turn of event of this public interest litigation, the plaintiffs with other associations and members of the public who desire to preserve the Sabindo Open Spaces, whether ‘state reserve’ lands (lot C & D) that has been known as ‘open spaces’, hereby seek a new mandate through a signature campaign to achieve the followings:

a. That the Sabah State Government will abide by her decision through the Chief Minister’s reply to the then YB Samson Chin of Sri Tanjung, N57, dated 7 December 2005, to preserve the Bandar Sabindo Open spaces identified as lot A, B, C, D and E for public interest and will not approve any commercial development on the lands now and in the future.

b. The complete demolition of the illegal structures erected on the lot D and E and restores the lands to their original state for public use.

c. That the Anti Corruption Agency (ACA) would commence immediate investigation into the Bandar Sabindo Open Spaces scandal and prosecute those who are found guilty in approving the lands for commercial development.

6. The plaintiffs and all those who share the same mission of the above to come forward to give support to this signature campaign so that the government will hear in no uncertain terms the public outcry of the people of Tawau.

7. The next hearing is fixed on the 5th January 2009 at the Tawau High Court.

8. For further development please log into jimmyspw.wordpress.com where there will be a signature campaign in the blog in support of the plaintiff effort to protect open spaces in Tawau.

9. To support send your name and Mykad/I.C number through ‘comment’ and I will update in my blog. Thank you for your support and concern on our open spaces.




James Wong Chong Leong                                          Wong Sze Phin @ Jimmy

I.C 580416-71-5557                                                    I.C 500301-12-5845


Name                                       I.C/Mykad





1. Adry - November 25, 2008

Thank you for your effort… we will support you

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