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Illegal Immigrants/Fake Malaysian the real issue August 21, 2008

Posted by wong jimmy in Illegal Immigrants.


Sabah illegal immigrant problem.



The real issue here is not illegal immigrants without documents but those who had obtained Mykad illegally and are now in our community.


It is estimated there are about 0.5 million of such Mykad holders in Sabah. This, if not address immediately will one day jeopardized the sovereignty of the state. This is a dangerous thing and is like a time-bomb for Sabah.


This is not about those foreigners who are without passport or unemployed because they are obviously foreigners. This is about those who look like foreigner, talk like foreigner, smell like foreigner, but had obtained Mykad through dubious ways..


I totally agree with what Tan Sri Bernard Dompok said in the newspaper on August 12, 2008. And I support those BN leaders and oppositions who call for the government to be serious in this matter before it is too late to handle.


BN is concern, I too am personally concern. Those without documents are not that dangerous, but those with Mykad are dangerous. They can do anything once they are in our system of administration.


I strongly believe only a Royal Commission could address this grave matter and the only one that can do the job once and for all.


I have no doubt that none of the real Sabah people believe that the government is serious to handle this issue. To them it is another ‘wayang kulit’ (play acting).


I hope BN will wake up, realize the real issue and feel the urgency of this matter. This issue needs a very strong political will.


These ‘fake Malaysian’ are everywhere and the Federal Government has never been serious to tackle this issue.


I tell you it is real, they are already inside certain government departments and come a time when these ‘fake Malaysians’ become leaders, they will be in control and then what will happen to the real Sabahans.


This is the NUMBER ONE issue in Sabah, TOP PRIORITY to be solved in order to protect our nation and the local people.


Once again I urge the government to set up a Royal Commission to investigate how Mykads were issued. Action must be taken on the culprits. It is easy, If you don’t have enough documents you cannot hold a Mykad.


Anything apart from a Royal Commission is a waste of time and tax payers money. Last time we had Parliamentary Select Committee on Integrity headed by Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, now we have a Cabinet Committee. I dare say it won’t achieve much.
















1. cookie monster - August 21, 2008

Dear Mr Wong ,

Its been 4 decades since sabah joined malaya to form malaysia.
the federal & state leaders heck care attitude towards illegals in sabah. especially DrM’s time.

sabahan may soon become a minority & fake sabahans will mushroom all over the state & become majority.

they wil only show concern when elections is round the corner other time they will only milk us out when federal runs out of funds.

sabah used to be the richest state , but now reduced to a pauper state although we are blessed with natural resources.

2. esther albert - February 11, 2009

betul itu cookie monster…

and MR.Wong…i heard that, goverment won’t approve the setting up a Royal Commision ment for investigating this fake IC cases…they won’t do it, because they know the’ll be found out to be guilty in this…………… what a corrupted gov….

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