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Memo To CM June 15, 2008

Posted by wong jimmy in Oil Palm.

Note: memo was handed over to state sec Datuk Hj Sukarti Wakiman this morning at a function in KK. He said the gov will study the matter.


Chief Minister Of  Sabah

Datuk Seri Musa Hj. Aman





It is proven now as the millers had admitted that all this while they have been charging the 7.5% sales tax on planters, be it small holders or big plantations. This proved that I was right from the beginning that the small holders were wrongly taxed and so the state government must rectify the situation immediately.


The government must direct the millers to stop charging the sales tax on FFB and the money should be refunded back to the planters.


I would also like to suggest that 30% of the sales tax be put aside for plantations road maintenance, replanting and for emergency use during economic crisis as had happened before with cocoa.


The planters must be given back something in return for their effort in helping with the state economy all this while. Their plight for good plantation roads must not be ignored. I personally had witness the bad road condition, which planters had to repair at their own cost. This is unfair especially after they had been taxed.


The shipping cost for millers too should be revoked and selling price for oil palm should be in line with Peninsular as we now have refineries here, moreover we are one of the biggest oil palm producers’ in Malaysia.


I hope the government would make a decision as soon as possible to remedy the urgent matter.






Yours truly,





YB Jimmy Wong



1. Tawau Blogger - June 18, 2008

1st Tawau Blog Gathering
Blogger-Blogger Tawau akan mengadakan gathering pada
28 Jun 08/Restoran Kayu Manis-Bazhong
Untuk Warga Tawau Yang Memiliki Blog Sahaja.

2. grower - November 28, 2008

Either CM thinks we are all stupid, or he is the stupid one to think that 7.5% sales tax is not passed on the ffb sellers. II think more likely the former is true.

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