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My e-mail June 11, 2008

Posted by wong jimmy in My e-mail.

This is my e-mail jimmyspw@yahoo.com and I welcome anyone with good intentions to send their grouses, problems etc. to me. Once I have establish an official offfice, I will post DAP service center telephone number also.





1. Daniella - June 18, 2008

I am very happy that u can establish your service centre and i think a service centre plays an important role in serving the rakyat. I am so disappointed with YB Chua Soon Moi and the previous MPs who were represented Tawau. As a MP, they don’t even establish a service center. How they hear from the rakyat? How they bring the issues to the parliament. I bet they never debated in the parliament and always a ‘YES’ man/woman. Seriously, rakyat do not know how to find our ‘beloved’ MP to deliver our issues. And we do not know even is she still ‘functioning’ and does she attend the parliament meeting? Tawau has bunch of literate people now. We are not dumb anymore i must say. We want to see MP ‘s practical actions and perform in the parliament, not just appear in pasar, opening ceremony, Chinese New Year events, Tawau Golf Club, High School Graduation Day, schools’ sports day and etc. I am sorry that i am mumbling here, but if anybody see this, please pass this message to our MP. This is one of the channel that we can pass feedback to her, AS WE DON’T REALLY KNOW HOW TO FIND HER. NO SERVICE CENTRE, NO EMAIL, NO BLOG, NO CONTACT NUMBER AT ALL TO THE PUBLIC.

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