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Speech at 1st State Lesgislative Assembly June 3, 2008

Posted by wong jimmy in State Legislative Assembly.



Terima kasih Tuan Speaker,


Pertama  sekali,  saya ingin mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih kerana memberi  saya peluang,   untuk terlibat di dalam perbahasan Ucapan,   Dasar Kerajaan yang sebelum ini telah disampaikan oleh,   Tuan Yang Terutama yang DiPertua Negeri Sabah. 

Apa yang saya perlu katakan buat permulaan di sini,   ialah saya berharap  persidangan DUN sabah,   yang buat pertama kalinya saya sertai ini,  akan dapat menjadi satu landasan untuk kita semua terus membincangkan,   soal-soal kebajikan rakyat.


Tuan Speaker,

Sebelum saya membawa usul saya,  izinkan saya untuk meneruskan ucapan usul saya di dalam bahasa Inggeris…….

Being the sole opposition elected representative of the people in Sabah, I feel the heavy burden of bringing their issues to this assembly.  In the course of discharging my duty,  I intend to trade ideas,  seek co-operation and not trade insults.                                                                         

As Assemblymen, we represent our respective constituencies and are responsible for mobilizing state resources to address their needs.  Despite my status as an opposition assemblyman, I know that I will be treated equally in this Assembly with the same privileges as accorded to other Assemblymen.  This is the strength of the democratic institutions in Malaysia. 

Tawau has been sidelined in term of infrastructure development in recent years resulting in the lack of basic facilities to the citizens of  the district.  Tuan Speaker,  I  would like to touch on some of the basic infrastructures  that are still very much  lacking there:

I will forward the following  matters which are required serious attention from the assembly:



I need not repeat the common knowledge that there is a water crisis in Tawau.  The government blames this on water theft.  Illegal connection without paying for the water is a financial matter of enforcement.  It is a separate matter from water shortage.  The Honorable Minister of Infrastructure has urged people to register their connection and seems to solve the shortage by registration.  Registration by itself will not bring more water through the pipes.  Don’t mix water shortage with enforcement.  By the way enforcement itself is also a duty of this government.


My predecessor had on 19 April 2004  mentioned in this assembly that over  Ringgit Malaysia 600 millions was owed to three water concessionaires.  Is the amount subject to audit or is the state short of cash?  What has been done since? Because  none payment could also pose a serious problem to the water supply chain.  May I ask on what is the status of the proposed dam at Gudang Empat?  The government paid huge compensations in 1993 to acquire some 670 acres of land for such purpose.


Tawau district face sever dry season in the past.  It is therefore important that the dam be build so that Tawau residents can enjoy a 24 hours non stop quality fresh water supply like any civilized society.  In the past three months,  people in housing estates often could not have  enough water for cooking and bathing.  This is hard to believe after fifty years of Merdeka.  Its most unfair  as Tawau contributed a lot in the form of taxes and  double sales taxes from oil palm planters for instance.


I also remind the government that you have yet to pay the remaining 25 percent of the compensation to the more than 100 landowners whose land you have acquired for the water dam  and when is the Government going to settle this 20 years old debt?  Failure or further delay in completing the payment to the landowners could brand the Government as the `King of Bad Paymaster’ in the eye of society.




With the present RM1.6 billion allocation under the 9th Malaysian Plan for present projects and another RM2.8 billion for  new projects together with another 27.1 percent out of the RM5 billion prepared by SDC,  this constitute a large  sum of money for infrastructure developments. 

Tuan Speaker,  I wish to congratulate the effort leading to the largest allocation for the state by the Barisan Nasional government.  With this sum and additional from the state government,  I wish to urge that Tawau require some of the long awaited fund for the purpose of upgrading and building of new roads in the district as Tawau desperately requires such infrastructure:


01)  Cadangan Menaiktaraf Jalan Sin Onn kepada Jalan Berkembar Dua Hala – it was under the RMK-8 submission and now resubmitted again under RMK-9 under State Fund. The traffic congestion is  very serious due to rapid development along the road as well as Jalan Timor (Eastern Road) and Jalan Sin Onn Utara.


02)  Cadangan Road Rehabiliatation for Jalan Eastern – the road was constructed almost 20 years ago but now inadequate due to extensive traffic following massive development at the northern part of  TAWAU.


03)  The second Phase of Naiktaraf Jalan Chong Thien Vun/ Sin Onn Tiku across Jalan Kubota (Army Camp) need to be expedited.


04)  Cadangan Pembinaan Jalan Persisiran Pantai –    need  to construct a new road across Kg Titingan right to mile 4, Jalan Apas to reduce the increasing  traffic along Jalan Apas up to mile 5.


05)  Naiktaraf Jalan Utara Baru – Heavy traffic along the road up to 1 or 2 miles from 5 to 6pm daily. Need to expedite.   The proposed upgrading to dual carriageway from Bulatan Airport Lama to Taman Ria or Kg Jambatan Puteh.


06)  Waterdam at Gudang 4 Merotai.


My predecessor had made a request for the sealing of 1.9 kilometer of road leading to the TV station as well as the water dam which had not been done yet and but I dare those involved to take up the challenge  of my proposal for the construction of five (5) roads  and A water dam as mentioned earlier could be made.



Tuan Speaker,  disposal of garbage is a mess in Tawau.

A satisfactory solution for the disposal of household and commercial waste in Tawau has not been identified and the problem has existed for several years.  This is most readily apparent at the Tanjung market located in the district’s town centre,  as well as the Sin Onn market located at Sin Onn road.  I am very concerned about the long term health and environmentally impact on residents as well as to the image  projected to tourist.

My investigation revealed that the contractor responsible for the maintenance of the road,  about 1.5 KM leading to the landfill located at Merotai has failed to maintain an all weather road,  resulting in the very poor road condition.  The consequence is  that garbage trucks cannot always make it to the landfill.  After several visits,  I made another visit on 2nd May to the relevant section of the road and found the condition had turned from bad to worst!  When asked about the deplorable condition,  the council’s reply was `Tidak ada duit’.   You see,  the Government can and should solve the Tawau people’s garbage miseries by a mere RM100 thousand or any amount deemed justify but lacks the caring attitude to do so.  Since the local authority cannot do its job,  I have no choice but to appeal to this assembly and especially the Honorable Minister of Local  Government to immediately discharge this duty to solve the problem.

In addition,  I can state that the landfill is poorly managed,  There is a lack of appropriate machinery needed for efficient waste management.  Urgent steps need to be taken to improve the road and management of the site.  Sufficient allocation should be made available by the government to ensure that the best contractors are appointed for the job.

Another matter in regard to waste disposal where it is necessary to have sufficient fund .  At least  an initial of  Ringgit 500,000 must be allocated for the Tawau Municipal Council to purchase  minimum 20 units Roll On – Roll Off garbage bins to put at strategic and populated areas such as markets.




Concrete ways must be taken to recover the loss incurred by Sabahan who invested in the Amanah Saham Sabah.  Minister after Minister have repeatedly promised to find a solution.  Many years passed.  Still no solution.  Is the government so short of ideas? The Government must not forget that there are  over 54,000  unit holders and among many them are Government  servants or pensioners and orang  miskin.

A great number of them whose borrowed from financial institutions are facing financial difficulties or in the process of  being sued for bankrupcy.They are crying for Government help day and night. They demand to know what have been done by the six man  special committee appointed by the BN  3 years ago?  

The pledge by our past government that the share value will not drop beyond RM1 per share, but still nothing has been done to uphold that pledge as the share value could be deemed as hitting rock bottom Now at 20 cents!.  It is the aim that this scheme could assist in reducing poverty among Sabahan but it has done the opposite and someone must take the blame and someone else must take up the task of rectifying the situation.  As we are now  in the year 2008,  then the present Government must take up that task.  Saham Amanah Sabah is a huge blunder but we could not leave it as such and turn a blind eye.




Tuan Speaker

Millions of Ringgit have been invested by SESB on the East-West grid system which,  according to the SESB director,  was to eliminate power outages once the system was completed.  The grid  is now completed but blackouts continue.

For the past weeks,  Tawau witnessed constant power cuts.  Businesses suffered losses and people continue to suffer.  Tenaga Nasional Berhad  took control of SESB to solve the problem when the Sabah State Government failed yet the problem persist.

We export our natural gas to foreign buyers.  Why not use a small portion for generating more electricity for Sabah?


Tuan Speaker,




The open space issue strikes at the heart of the people of Tawau because it is affecting their living environment.  The stand of the Government on open space is very clear – `don’t touch open space’.  The problem faced in  Tawau shows that the Government says one thing and do another.  I wish to remind this assembly that the honorable Chief Minister and other Ministers made promises to resolve the problem of open space in the process of being used for commercial development.

The reality is that no action was taken and civic minded citizens of Tawau had to take the matter to court to defend their rights to the open space.  To rub salt into the wound,  the Tawau Municipal Council being the arms of the Government charged with the duty to protect open space is itself the culprit.  It has betrayed the trust that it is duty bound to uphold when the council approved the development plan to develop open space.  The Sabah Land Ordinance specifically prohibits development contrary to title condition and yet nothing was done when such development take place.  Why not?

If the rakyat cannot rely on the Government and its agencies and departments to uphold the law and Minister make promises after promises,  it is no wonder that people vote for opposition Assemblyman.  I urge all of you in the Government,  in fact I challenge you to take appropriate action to put an end to such development.  You have the administrative and enforcement powers.  With your overwhelming number in this assembly you also have the legislative powers.   But why are you all not doing anything apart from making promises?


Tuan speaker



Tuan speaker,

In line with the Government policy to upgrade the public administration in preparing for the successful implementation of SABAH DEVELOPMENT CORRIDOR “I am calling the government  to  adopt a timeframe for all government bodies to process all types of Government  payments and  applications e.g. Government  payment to contractors claim  that take months , Milk producers also take 4 to 5 months to get their payment and this has again happened when some cow fresh milk  producers had notified me that they had not receive any payment from the government for the past  months since January 2008, just three days ago,   land applications that take years and a lot of  landless citizens even waited till they eventually passed away, ordinary  trading licenses that take  months in Tawau  for both New applications and renewal  ,  similarly also to water meter, Electricity meter, application for telephone , Identity Card, lorry permit etc. causing a lot of financial hardship and frustration  and lost of immeasurable valuable productive times to the general public.  And the snail pace experienced in the case of applications for development plan and issuing of Occupation Certificate.  Get this done fast and the Government can enjoy its collection from businesses earlier.

Its high time ,the Government need to sit up and direct all its agencies,  ministries and institutions to set their respective standard  time frame for various services.  Learn from the Immigration Department.  They can issue and renew an important documents such as a passport in a matter of 3 days.  That is what I mean by a standard time frame and maybe not excellence but good enough on government providing such speedy service.


Tuan Speaker


There should be one `clear,  simple and transparent’ procedure to process payments and applications.  This is in line with the Government’s sincerity to upgrade public services and achieving excellence as outlined in the UCAPAN DASAR KERAJAAN YANG DISAMPAIKAN OLEH TUAN YANG TERUTAMA YANG DIPERTUA NEGERI SABAH  on 29th April 2008.


Another matter which I feel that should be highlighted in this assembly was the calls made by planters as the government is now considered taking from them by imposing  CBO sales tax and double taxes on their palm oil for years ,now totaling over RM2 billions collected.  It is yet another situation which I deemed as unfair as they are getting nothing out of their contribution such as having the  government reserved roads leading to their estate build or repaired and the soaring prices of  cost of productions such  as fertilizer.  Let me cite an example,  MOP fertilizer cost around RM500 per metric ton four years ago but now the same tonnage cost over RM3,000 and the price is expected to go up to Ringgit 4,000.  Despite the rise of palm oil price, soon  the profit could not sustain the margin of cost of production.

It is not right  for the government  to ask from Sabah people for more and should  instead seek  more funding from the Federal government.  As our Honorable Prime Minister had said that Sabah and Sarawak are `safe deposit for the government.

This is the Golden time for BN Sabah  to ask for MORE from BN Bersekutuan. It is high time the state government should seek a higher petroleum royalty of up to 20% increase . Why the state BN afraid to ask for  more ? Pakatan now offers  20 percent increase and it could be a good way out? I mean, Eventually if no better alternative lah!!. After all, the oil royalty has never been reviewed since independent.  That is totally unfair to Sabah for too long. That is how I strongly feel. 

The situation now as compared to Berjaya time are different,  during the Berjaya time,  situation is good but now it is bad,  the government should play their role by taking steps such as abolishing the palm oil sales tax in  to  the smallholders having land less than 100 acres.  This has been done at the Federal level.  After most of them are smell holders holding less than 15 acres. Kasihan juga lah..

The planters wish that  the State Government must set a side 30% 0f the revenue from the palm oil sales tax of  7.5%  to put under Reserve  Fund as provisions to assist  back the oil palm planters  in the event of economic crisis or when they greatly need financial assistance  for replanting their estate. This is a fair request because the planters  don’t want to end up their fate similar to the economic nightmare of the coco industry in the nineties. The Government at that time had similarly taken cocoa cess from the planters but turned a blind eye when the cocoa planters faced financial crisis. As a result  almost all the cocoa planters , big and small, bankrupted by their merciless financer.  This government must avoid that kind of irresponsible disaster but take the heed of the pride of the planters. Act timely now for the planters’ wish in time of  their need for the protection of the government. Tuan speaker , that is what a caring Government must do.


Tuan Speaker

In conclusion,  I owe the people of Sri Tanjong for the opportunity to address this assembly.  I will discharge my duty as their elected representative without fear or favor.

The Government has the means and resources as well as the obligation to address these issues.  The question is whether you have the will or the insincerity.  This Government must not forget that it exist to serve and satisfy the fundamental needs of all the people of Sabah,  including people of Sri Tanjong constituency.  I hope that this Government will function in a transparent and caring manner that is crucial component of a good governance.  Accountability will ensure the continued confidence of residents of the state of Sabah in all government institutions and punishment for those individuals who do not abide the law.  A  good government which is active in improving the provision of government goods and services to the people will leave behind a strong legacy that will be a model for successive government to emulate for years to come.

I sincerely wish this administration will strive hard and being a caring Government.  Should this government fulfill all the requests made in this speech,  I take my hat off and salute its effort.


Tuan Speaker


Sebelum saya akhiri ,  terima kasih sekali lagi,  di atas

peluang bercakap di dalam dewan ini,   dan akhir kata,  saya mohon menyokong usul yang telah dibentangkan oleh,   Tuan Yang  Terutama Yang DiPertua Negeri Sabah.


Let us move forward together.  Sabah Boleh if the Government pull up its sock and find the will.

Sekian dan Terima kasih.

Thank you.







1. Damien - June 5, 2008

Hi Jimmy.

I would like to address an issue to you. I found that Tawau is very dark at night due to the insufficient road lights. Besides, most of the road lights in Tawau have already become very dim and under poor maintenance. I hope YB can take into consideration about this matter and follow up with the departments in-charged so that we can have a bright Tawau. This can also reduce the crime rates at Tawau. Thieves, robbers, rapists, drugs abusers always take advantage of Tawau’s dim lights. I look forward to hear from you. Thank you.

2. Rama, Giram Estate, Kunak. - June 6, 2008

Well said YB Jimmy,
The people of Tawau will be too pleased if some of the projects are on line and implemented accordingly.
Tawau is the 2nd largest town in sabah.It also an exit to Indonesian borders.Infact it is bustling town. But we still lack of some important infrastructures as u had mentioned.Trafic jams is getting worse day by day…..and etc..
However, pl keep up your good work for the “Rakyat of Tawau”

Giram Estate.

3. uohaa - June 7, 2008

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Thank you for the Great Information Blog!
I appreciat the good and hard working Info!

4. kent - July 17, 2008

Dear Mr Wong ,

in my opinion i think you should also take some photographs of the roads which is in bad conditions & invite the press to see for themselves the conditions & it will appear in all major sabah newspapers………to let the present admin know of tawau’s urgent need of funds for all road repairs…..

Thank You

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