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Water shortage – Minister’s frequent visit, most welcome April 8, 2008

Posted by wong jimmy in Water.

I welcome the statement by Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah to made frequent Tawau to oversee the water problem which continues to exist.  As the State Assemblyman for Sri Tanjong, I feel that it is only appropriate that this matter receive his highest attention as this problem has brought much suffering to the general public despite the continuation of assurances given in respect to the solving of the water woe in the past.


It is to my opinion that Tan should stay here longer to look for himself such as whether the two plants had actually produced over 100 Million litres per day to cater for the need of the whole population while he could participate in frequent dialogue session with the general public and listen for himself the hardship faced.


The norm problems acknowledged are water theft and loss of fresh water through broken piping but I would also like to provide my opinion on two other matters which could well contribute toward the failure of an affective delivery of water.


The first is the question on whether the Water Department had made full payment for the service of TIMATCH which produce fresh water for Water Department?


There has been rumour that the Water Department had failed in some way to made prompt payment to TIMATCH or other privatised water producer entities for Sabah causing limited water to be supplied for distribution.  Is this true?


If this matter is true, it is therefore the main priority of the state government to settle the payment to avoid such interruption taking place.


The second question is there could be work of Water Department employers to sell fresh water for quick cash.


Has the Ministry conducted such investigation over this matter as this too contribute toward the lost of water which could be explained.


Another matter which might require the attention of the minister is the possibility of revamping the whole structures and personnel of the Water Department’s management system as it has been deemed a long time as unfriendly and ineffective toward consumers.


It is also important for the government to study on the constant fee charged to consumers on bills which at times were outstanding for over ten years.  It is to my opinion that a cut off period should be given to consumers where they can avoid paying bills over three years and thus improve the management of the department. 


It is highly questionable for consumers over being forced to pay outstanding bills despite the department’s effort throughout the years to up-date their billing system.


The state government must put full effort in addressing the matter seriously and put to end the misery faced and this could be well heard through frequent dialogue sessions.


It is my hope and the hope of all residents of Tawau for the government to find a rapid solution pertaining to the water crisis faced as the dilemma has never ceased until today.


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1. Yang tau - April 8, 2008

YB, the water went ‘Missing In Action’ (MIA), kena hijack. Mau hantar special force untuk cari water-water yang hilang dan kena hijack. 😦

2. fed-up-with-BN - April 12, 2008

DAP Tawau first started on digging the water problem in Tawau. Now, Sapp jumping on the wagon claiming they are also setting a “task force” to look into the matter.What a following tail dog !

Dare the sapp team visits the so called “illegal water connecting sites” takes photos, videos and expose to the authority!

3. Johnny - April 15, 2008

No worries Uncle Jimmy We will get all the outside Tawau people to read this…

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