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Illegal water theft – be serious April 3, 2008

Posted by wong jimmy in Water.

Genuine customers with accounts in the Water Department should not be punished when they lapse on their water bill. Cutting their water supply to force them to pay is not fair. This treatment is not fair to genuine customers, while those who made connection illegally never paid and never punished and nothing to fear of having their illegal water supply cut.

We must get serious on this issue, stop cutting genuine consumers water, but chase after the water thefts, solved it, stop it first, then comeback to the genuine customers. Click on thumbnail to read news clip.water



1. Aisay - April 4, 2008

Government prefer to punish the law abiding Rakyat, b coz they do not fight. If government were to go after illegal water and electricity connection, the illegal squatters would attack or wait until the enforcement team are gone and reconnect back.

The only logical solution is to rid of illegal squatters first. If the government can take this first big step and claim zero squatters in SABAH then only our many problems including water and electricity would be solved. But, the day will probably never come.

You see YB, we have enough water and enough electricity, but large ammount, maybe almost half are being stolen through illegal connections. And the ones that suffers are people like us. The people who pay bills every month. So who does the government punish when we cannot pay our bills for one or two months. We of course.

Why are the water, electricity thefts not punish? Because the government cannot get any money from them, its not worth it, instead the government is the one who have to spend. If they cannot pay the fines, they go to jail. Free makan and free stay under the government account. After serving their time (vacation) itsback to the same old routine, curi lagi. So why go after them, better go and after the ones with meter/accounts. They have money they will pay. When there is no money in the coffer, print bills that show they haven’t pay their 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s bills and threaten with cutting off supply. They will pay.

Aisay so sad lah to know the truth. What to do YB, we still need water.

2. Sakit hati - April 4, 2008

Kita bayar bil tiap kali bil datang, tapi bekalan dan tekanan air masih tidak memuaskan. Mungkin kerajaan yang tidak ada bayar bil kepada stesen loji pembekal air sehingga bekalan air kena control.

3. Haus - April 4, 2008

Bukan kerajaan tidak ada bayar bil, ada tapi bayar sikit-sikit jadi air datang pun sikit-sikit lah. Jimatkan air, nanti setinggan pun komplen kepada kerajaan kalau air free mereka tidak ada.

4. Ai-ya - April 5, 2008

I don’t think the water works dept knows where the old leaking pipes are. If they can loss our bills of more than 10 years ago. I think their piping blueprints are also lost. That is why the korek sini, korek sana, they are trying to find the old pipes.

5. Fed_up_with_govt - April 7, 2008

I think the real theives are the water Dept staff lah ! I’ve noticed some illegal connection next to the legal connected meters. They are the one who collect money on our govt. behalf lah ! That’s why you see most of them driving nice car and stay in nice house. I’ve also noticed one govt. school where seepage of water from the main storage tank days in and days out. According to one of the jaga , this has been going on for years. Some place got no water but here water is wasted like no-one-else’s.

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