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Posted by wong jimmy in proposals & questions, Suggestions.

Two heads are better than one and by brainstorming we could make Tawau a better place to live. This is my suggestions proposal, and questions corner that could be use to leave any suggestions on anything to help make our Tawau municipality better.

If any of my fellow Sabahans have any questions regarding anything you want to know on our local authority, any government ministries, development projects done and not done, etc.  please leave your questions here and I personally shall do my very best to get the answers for you throughout the period I serve you as an assemblyman.



1. John Kiansom - April 10, 2008

Let me be the first one to give comments… and thankyou.

I strongly believe that one thing the opposition should do is to stop the BN State Government to amend the State Constitution for the purpose of increasing 4 assistant ministers. Simple reason: wasting people’s money only to accommodate certain politicians!

Do it before coming assembly siting!

2. Bob - April 24, 2008

I would like to see Tawau more greener. I suggest for more trees to be planted especially along the roads. This will provide shades for pedestrian too.

3. Bob - April 24, 2008

I suggest for more dustbins at every shops’ corners and the middle portion. It need not be too big. A small one is good enough to educate and create cleanliness awareness. At the moment we cannot blame the public from littering as there is no dustbins in sights as we walk around town.

4. Petani yang tak ada tanah - June 25, 2008

YB saya cadang tanah-tanah yang terbiar di tapak-tapak projek-projek besar seperti di KKIP dan POIC di tanam dengan padi kerana saya tengok sayang tanah terbiar begitu saja. KKIP dari tahun 90an lagi masih banyak lot belum di beli, lebih baik guana untuk tanam padi dulu. POIC saya tengok pun macam mau jadi gajah putih, so bagus tukar untuk padi dulu supaya ada hasil.

5. harun ahmad - February 13, 2009

Kerosakkan komplek Sukan Tawau.
Komplek Sukan Tawau tidak diselenggara dengan betul, banyak yang sudah rosak seperti tandas, pintu tempat masuk yg menggunakan tikit, cat banyak sudah punar dan macam-macam lagi. Penduduk Tawau terlalu lama untuk menunggu komplek suan tersebut. Mohon agar YB dapat membuat lawatan ke komplek sukan untuk melihat apa yang saya katakan ini. Baru 2-3 tahun komplek tersebut siap tetapi keadaannya amat memilukan. Sayang duit rakyat/pembayar cukai untum membena komplek suan tersebut.

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