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Dear Voters of Sri Tanjung March 7, 2008

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Dear Voters of Sri Tanjong N57




Open space is your space. Keep it for your family and the future generation.

Government agencies are duty bound and entrusted by you to protect open space.

It is an abuse of your rights when the very government entrusted with this duty signs an agreement to let a company to make profit by building shops on our open space.

The government can easily stop this abuse. Their leaders come and make empty promises. The government can easily gazette the open space. They failed to do this.

The lame duck YB, Mr. Samson Chin of BN failed to protect your rights. He once said if this issue is not resolved, it will cost him this election! To date, this issue is still not resolved. So, you know what to do.

Where was Kong Hon Min when you needed a voice? He has been a member of almost every political party and having tried his luck and failed to get elected in so many other places he now comes to fish for your vote in Sri Tanjong.

I have always been around. I have spoken up for Tawau. I will continue to do so.

But I need your support.

I am not seeking personal power in this election.

I am speaking up for the people of Sri Tanjong N57.

DAP is not attempting to form the next Sabah State Government.

Support DAP so that your voice can be heard.

I have always spoken up on issues that I think are important to people of Tawau.

Remember the hunger strike? I did it not for my pocket; it’s for your power and electricity!

I will not keep quiet

This election is not about me

It is all about you. Do not let them continue to ignore your rights.

Do not accept a dumb representative. You have a choice.

We will not keep silent.

We will not allow a few people to make huge personal profits

Say NO to abuse of open space

This election is your opportunity to exercise the power in your hands.

You only get this chance once in 5 years

Exercise your democratic rights as people of Sri Tanjong N57

This is a referendum on open space

Give them your verdict by coming out to vote on 8 March

Send them your message before it’s too late.



Jimmy Wong Sze Phin

Candidate for Sri Tanjong N57



1. johnny chong - March 23, 2008

Thank for your support to people of Tawau.

2. johnny chong - March 23, 2008

Thank for your work

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