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Sabindo open spaces – temporary stop? Why not totally stop! November 6, 2007

Posted by wong jimmy in Open Space.

The statement made by the Aggasf Construction Sdn Bhd and Jeramas Sdn Bhd managing director Alex Kong Hoi Chieng is not sincere to the public interest.

Alex announcement that after the advise from the State Government, he now stopped the work temporarily, but we feel the statement is only a ‘wayang kulit’ ‘shadow movie’ rather than sincerity to stop the ‘illegal’ development and we had received calls from concern members of the public over the statement.  

The developer had stopped once for two weeks last year on the grounds to give respect to the cabinet’s decision to stop the work and this time another temporary stop work on the grounds of being advised by the State Government. What the people wants is not temporary stop, but to return back the open space to the people where it rightfully and righteously belong to the people.

The people of Tawau do not believe the sincerity of the statement and the plaintiffs  are pushing for an injunction against the developer also cannot rely on the government unless the developer is being instructed to stop.

Our only hope and trust is still to the court for a clear solution and we are looking forward that the decision on the people’s application for an injunction on Monday (Nov 5) at 9am at the Tawau High Court would sided the ten plaintiffs.  

If the state government’s advise holds any weight, what the people want is an order from the government to the developer to stop, demolish and return back the open spaces in their original form.

The cabinet decision to stop the work two years ago is still valid, so we hope the cabinet would order an investigation on all the agencies involved in this illegal project, then only justice would be served, and earn back the people’s confidence. For now, the people can only rely on the court to decide on justice.

Today, we visited the two sites. No doubt the work had stopped. We hope this is the beginning of solving the problem once and for all.

The developer had said that they would not stop work without a court order, but now had stopped work without any court order.

Its unbelievable, how can we believe this sincerity. Public interest is above private interest. The developer cannot claim that what they are doing is for the public interest. We have committed to get back the open spaces. The statement does not hold any water, how long is the temporary stop? One week? Two weeks? Before it starts again.

Since the development started on the open spaces some of the business surrounding had already been badly affected because of insufficient carparks. 




1. mokcindtinc - January 15, 2008

Make peace, not war!

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