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Open space – council to make police report August 3, 2007

Posted by wong jimmy in Open Space.
September 20, 2005 Tawau Municipal Council (TMC) will file a police report if the developer and its contractor failed to adhere to the halt order passed by the State cabinet recently to stop construction work on the controversial RM22 million of two blocks of building on an open space at Dunlop Road.
The construction at the site for 22 shoplots was still on yesterday when TMC’s President Tn Hj Salsidu Ibrahim went to inspect at about 11am.
Salsidu together with other TMC’s staffs went to the project site dubbed ‘project open space’ by the locals here to order the contractor to immediately stop work.
Salsidu when met by reporters at the site said he is carrying out the cabinet decision to stop the project pending investigation.
The contractor’s workers when told to stop said they do not know anything. After a while a representative of the developer came and Salsidu explained his visit.
The representative said their project is legal and said the work could be stopped momentarily but did not make any promises and said he would have to meet the developer Jeramas Sdn Bhd Managing Director, Haji Tahir Mohammad Yahya (deceased) who will be back from outstation later in the afternoon to discuss on the matter.
Before leaving the project site Salsidu said if the work doesn’t stop TMC will make a police report. It was also learnt that TMC had delivered a letter to the developer on Monday at 3pm.
On Monday, the developer make a press release at 12.15pm and said the work would not be stopped unless the developer receive a halt order in black-and-white.
Jeramas Sdn Bhd Managing Director, Haji Tahir Mohammad Yahya said that they have not received any order yet to stop the project either through telephone or a letters from the authorities.
He said they have followed and abide the rules and laws when they first received the project. During that time (1996), they did not know that it was reserved for open space and he said that nothing was wrong with the agreement and they followed the regulation of the Government that approved the project.
The company was accorded the project in Dec 16, 1996 after a nine year wait.
He claimed that TMC had informed him that the open space had been re-zoned to another site.
Tahir wants to know the reason behind the halt order and asked for further clarification on why his project should be forced to  stop since he did not received any report or order to stop it.
“If the authority wants us to stop, there must be valid reasons on why we should stop. Besides, we have already sold at least half of the shop lots to potential buyers … who would be responsible to cover this loses?” he said.
He said he only read about the halt order from the newspapers and has not received any letters ordering the stop. He said the Chinese newspapers made a lot of reports and questioned why on his project only and not on other projects. The contractor Alex Kong who was also present said he only followed orders from the developer.
The project is divided into two blocks of 22 shoplots. Ten lots were allocated for Block A and 12 lots for Block D. Under the joint venture TMC has been allocated two lots in each blocks.  


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