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Development on open space -MP hopes gov decide on public side August 3, 2007

Posted by wong jimmy in Open Space.
On Sept 14, 2005 Tawau Members of Parliament Shim Paw Fatt hope the decision made in the cabinet led by the Chief Minister on the open space issue here would be in favour of the Tawau community who are totally against the project.
Shim in a press conference that day said he had written three letters to the CM regarding the five open spaces that will be develop for commercial purposes.
He said his first letter to the CM on August 23 stated that a company had advertised in the Chinese daily to sell a 4 storey shop lots build on government land. This had met protest by the public including Tawau Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Tawau Indian Chamber of Commerce, Bumiputera Chamber of Commerce and Tawau Reporters Association. In the letter he also said the project is a joint venture between Tawau Municipal Council (TMC) and the private company. He also informed the CM that Sabindo at the moment have sufficient shop lots but not car parks and by turning a car park area into commercial will cause traffic congestion.
In his second letter to the CM on Sept 9, he said he reported that the developer has started work and at the same time the developer gave out a statement in the news that TMC will get 10 units of shop valued at RM10,000 and TMC will also receive annual revenue of RM300,000.
In the third letter on Sept 12, Shim said he informed the CM that it is his (Shim) responsibility to inform the CM on the signature campaign and growing resentment on the issue. Referring to the second letter, he told CM that the loss (open space) by the Tawau people could not be valued by money. TMC cannot make money on the expense of the public loss.
Shim said he hoped the cabinet decision (Sept 13) yesterday sided the public who doesn’t want to see vacant land become commercial purposes.
He said SAPP (Sabah Progressive Party) had already protest on the issue and was followed by several association and individuals.
Shim confirmed that the cabinet had agreed to study the case and he hoped the decision made would be in favour to the public.
Note : when Sabindo was developed the five sites had been allocated for open space to use as car park or recreation. The five sites are 10 percent of Sabindo and were earmarked before Sabindo was developed.


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